Monday, November 30, 2009

Random Questions for the Author

1. The Primes universe is part of a well established series with a vast amount of detail. How difficult was it to change the setting for Dark Stranger and place the story in a futuristic setting?

2. How do you keep track of the storytelling when writing a series? Do you keep detailed notes? How far ahead do you plan? What is the process?

3. Dark Stranger was my favorite Primes book to date. What are your future plans for The Vampire Book Club? Will we be seeing more books set in the future?

4. What inspires your characters? Do you base them off real people? Do you use celebrity pictures to help create the physical aspects of your characters? If so, who would you cast as Doc and Zoe?


Susan sizemore said...

1. I am a huge fan of space opera and of military science fiction and it was so much fun to answer the question "What would the Primes do in the future?" The Byzant Empire, and Zoe, come from a neighbor kid named Zoe who was totally fearless as a toddler. since Zoe is a Greek name and I love history, I decided to write about a Byzantine Empire in the future.

2. It would be better if I kept extensive notes and thought out every detail of where the Primes universe is going, in both the linear and futuristic versions, but I don't work that way. I make it up as I go along -- but I find that I'll have put clues into older books and will come to a point where I say, "That's why I put that in!"

3. I want to write more of Doc and Zoe's story. Afterall, there's going to be controversy over their marriage. What are the Hajim up to? Was Zoe's sister's death really an accident? And I have ideas for other books featuring Primes that don't fit into the linear canon -- fodder for the Book Club.

4.I cast my books. The characters in the books become "real" as the story is written, but initially I hava an image of who they look like. Doc is very much based on Vin Diesel. The hero of the Primes book I'm currently working on is based on Eric Bana.

Anna Dougherty said...

Vin Diesel is exactly how I pictured Doc! That almost never happens with me because my vision is usually way off. I paused when I first read that Doc shaved his head until I remembered how sexy Vin Diesel was in the Fast and Furious and Chronicles of Riddick. Then I was thinking "Yummy!".

Thanks so much for stopping by to answer questions! I truly did love this book and was glad that you were able to participate in our Bite Club chat. I'm looking forward to reading more about this world.

Michele Hauf said...

I double the thanks to Susan for stopping by to chat in the comments! I love knowing when an author 'casts' her characters, and who she had in mind when writing them.