Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Author Spotlight: Clare Willis

This month the Bite Club is featuring debut author Clare Willis. Her first book, Once Bitten is our December selection and our chat will be January 4th and 5th, 2010.

Clare Willis, a former teacher, lives in the San Fransisco Bay area with her husband and two sons. She also has two dogs that act as writing partners, and foot warmers, while everyone else is away at work and school. She loves the paranormal world and uses vampires as a metaphor to describe the struggles between good and evil.

If you haven't stopped by Clare's website then you are definitely missing out! If you visit her site you will learn that she collects memento mori made from human hair, along with Victorian taxidermy. Interesting, to be sure, and now I must surf the web for examples of these unusual hobbies. Clare has also included 8 city scenes that take readers to various locations that she used in the book and shed light on the inspirations for housing districts, restaurants, and tourist destinations. Want to know more about The Balclutha? Visit city scene 6. Is your neighborhood buried under snow from the nation's recent blizzard? Take a mini vacation to San Fransisco from the warmth of your own home!

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