Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cast of Characters

Once Bitten had a pretty lengthy and entertaining cast of characters. I kept getting the Clue vibe every time I met a new person. First we meet Angie, our main character, who seems to be an ordinary woman working in an ordinary job. She has a sharp mind but mostly keeps her thoughts to herself. Angie is employed at the ad agency and her boss is the demanding Lucy Weston. Lucy has been missing for a few days and everyone at the company is scrambling to pick up the slack and maybe advance their individual career status. Lucy's body is eventually discovered by Angie and a fellow co-worker Les Banks, at her upscale home. It is then discovered that Les was Lucy's secret lover and he becomes the primary suspect.

We also meet Kimberley Bennett, Angie's room mate and fellow ad assistant. She scoops Angie on several jobs using underhanded measures that nobody could prove, and appears to be the opposite of Angie in every way. Kimberley is a cool, but ruthless, beauty that comes from a very privileged background. Another co-worker is Steve, the all around good guy. Steve helps both Angie and Les at various points throughout the book.

When Angie is placed on the Macabre Factor account she meets the owners, Suleiman and Moravia. They invite her to House of Usher, a goth club, to learn more about their 'world'. It is there that she meets Eric Taylor. Eric is the vampire she eventually falls in love with. Eric is a lovely and seemingly old-fashioned guy, not forceful at all, and she enjoys the amount of attention he gives.

These are just a handful of the characters in Once Bitten. Who were some of your favorites, least favorites, and why? Was it confusing to have so many people to keep track of?


CrazyStar180 said...

My favorite characters are Suleiman and Moravia because they seem to very down to earth and very classical vampire and they almost make me question if they are real vamps or pretend. I don't think you ever find out either. But they seem to be. I like the mystery that fallows them every where in the book.

Michele Hauf said...

Was Lucy Weston a shout-out to Lucy in Dracula? :-)

cggwillis said...

Yes, Lucy Weston is a shout out to the daddy of all vampire fiction, Bram Stoker.


Cyd said...

Steve was my favorite character because he was reliable and always there.

Anna Dougherty said...

At the beginning of the book I had a poor opinion of Lucy because she was portrayed as unlikeable. My opinion changed a bit when she was found murdered in her home, when it was revealed that she had a lover, and also how involved she was in the vampire scene. She somehow appeared needy and it was obvious that she missing something in her life. I felt sorry for her because nobody at work was really sorry that she died, except maybe Les and Angie. That's just sad.

Steve was a good character and easily the most likeable guy. He just seemed happy with life in general. Steady and genuine is how I would describe him.

Jen D. said...

Favorites: I loved me some Steve!

Least favorite: I disliked Kimberley from the get go. I hate a sneaky backstabber. But I kind of like it when I dislike a character as much I disliked Kimberely. It's how I know the part was well written. Not sure if that makes sense.

I didn't have a problem following the cast of characters. I think it added to the story. You can't have an ad agency with only two people right?