Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome to Bite Club! Today we are discussing Once Bitten by Clare Willis.

Here's how it works:

I have scheduled several posts with discussion topics and I will schedule a couple more for tomorrow as well. One new thing we are trying this month is that instead of me creating all the questions for the author I have made a place for you to ask questions about the book. Just put them in the comment section of the post titled 'Questions for the Author'. Clare will be stopping in throughout the day so...ask away and have fun!



Michele Hauf said...

My questions for Clare: Is this the first in a planned series? How many do you plan for the series? Will the same characters interact throughout? Do you feel this was more a mystery than a romance?

Thanks, Clare! Loved the read!

susan said...

Do you do most of your writing at nights so set off the setting of your story or just anytime you feel like writing? I read a lot at nights and think it adds a touch to the book especially if the book is scary. I am may odd. I turn 63 today so will not change anytime soon. I am enjoying everyone here today for my big day. susan L.

Anna Dougherty said...

Happy Birthday Susan!!! Hope you enjoy your special day:)

cggwillis said...

Thanks for the comments and happy birthday to you, Susan! I envisioned Once Bitten as a series, but my publisher saw it as a single book, so my next book will be set in San Francisco but have different characters. But I might bring Nicolai back as the resident vampire expert, because I love him so.