Monday, March 29, 2010

Vampire fragrance and your chance at immortality

I got this email yesterday, found it interesting and thought I'd share:

A new fragrance called "Vampire" will be launching very soon. In light of this launch, we are running a contest in which vampire fans submit their "Vampire Fantasy" via The winners' fantasies will be featured on the packaging for of the fragrance.

So go forth vampire fans, tell them your ultimate vampire fantasy!


Marilyn Adam said...

His golden flecked eyes flashed as he lowered his head to nuzzle my neck and scrape his fangs on my sensitive skin. He caught my scent of "Vampire" fragrance and his mouth began to water from the sensuous fragrance. He was on fire from the heady scent of woman and "Vampire".

Anna Dougherty said...

Marilyn- Just make sure you send that to the website listed in the post ( so that it gets entered in their contest!