Sunday, April 18, 2010

Author Spotlight: Michele Hauf

I'm really excited to be hosting Michele here at Bite Club this month because she truly is one of my favorite internet friends. I've been following Riding With The Top Down, a blog she participates in with several of my favorite authors, for quite awhile now. Through that site I discovered that Michele runs the Ultimate VampList, which is perhaps the coolest and most comprehensive vampire book list around! She is the mastermind behind VampChix and the creator of Bite Club. When she put out the call for someone to help with the monthly book club for vampires, well, let's just say that I jumped at the chance. She is crazy nice and I have so much fun doing this blog with her.

Michele has been writing romance, action-adventure and fantasy for almost 20 years. Her first book, Dark Rapture, was also one of the first vampire stories I ever read. You can find out about all of Michele's books by visiting her website.

Michele blogs all over the internet with a variety of subjects, including coloring.

Check the blog page on her website to keep track of her and all her adventures.

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