Tuesday, May 25, 2010

feeling a little like the White Rabbit

I running behind today, nothing unusual, so I'm keeping the post short and sweet.

Today is the day all True Blood fans have been waiting for and finally season 2 is available on DVD! Now we can ogle Eric as much as we want and nobody can stop us. I mean, now we can enjoy each episode without missing a single scene...which means potty breaks, kid interruptions, and snack times are no longer a problem and the pause button will be getting a workout. All without missing a beat! And did I mention Eric, or Sam, or Bill , or even Jason.

I've been waiting for the DVD's with as much patience as my children at Christmas because Sunday nights are not the easiest viewing time for me, as anyone with kids can attest to. So I'm off to find the best deal.

Happy Tuesday!

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