Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Special Guest and Contest: Marta Acosta aka Grace Coppersmith

I am so thrilled to have Marta Acosta, aka Grace Coppersmith, over for a little visit today! Her latest book, Nancy's Theory of Style, isn't our traditional Bite Club feature but when a good book comes out we like to give notice, and this is one of the best! Marta/Grace has also donated a copy of Nancy's Theory of Style to one lucky commenter and the rules for the contest will follow the post. As a special treat, Nancy has agreed to help out a few of our stylistically challenged vampires, because one should always help those less fortunate. So let's give it up for...Nancy!

Dear Nancy,

I was made in the 1890's but have the appearance of a young 20-something. It's amazing what avoiding the sun can do for your skin! What do you think about rockin' the velvet cloaks? What colors would you suggest for the fall season? I'm aiming for sex in the city meets college grad. Signed, Sexy Vampira

Dear Sexy Vampira,

Congratulations for your innovative skin regime! If by cloak, you mean cape, I think they’re long overdue as a fashion must. As I mentioned to my niece Eugenia, they are the only garment where the interior fabric is just as important as the exterior fabric. Like the satin lining of a coffin, a cape’s lining should be a luxurious surprise. I’d suggest a fine cashmere wool lined with an excellent silk velvet. When you wrap it around your next victim, he’ll scream with delight.

Dear Nancy,

I hear that feng shui is all the rage and could use some advice for updating my parlor. To give you some background, my home is a sprawling, rustic lodge nestled high in the mountains of Romania. We don't often get long term company (folks are so easily swayed by rumor these days) but I would like to add a splash of color. Something to blend with my favorite color- scarlet. Signed, Lonely Castle

Dear Lonely Castle,

I applaud your daring, but scarlet is a shade that must be used with discretion lest your home be sneered at as a “bordello of blood.” I recommend using mushroomy, earthy shades of ecru and taupe as the wall color which will create a relaxing and sophisticated ambiance. Then use crimson and scarlet accent pillows for a surprising splash (or splatter!) of color.

Dear Nancy,

Entertaining has changed over the years. It used to be that a guy could grab a quick bite, shake a few hands, gaze into those lovely little peepers and the deal would be done. These days it’s all about paperwork in triplicate and three piece suits! As a senior partner in my clan's law firm, I am often asked to wine and dine new clients but I'm looking to change my look from wedding formal to business chic. Any suggestions? And where is a guy supposed to store all this paperwork anyways! One could easily be buried alive. Signed, Vamp CEO

Dear Vamp CEO,

My heart goes out to you! People see me looking so fabulous and relaxed and think I was always that way. However, after receiving my degree in economics from a prestigious university, I worked as a financial analyst. The “corporate art” on the walls almost made me give up the will to live. Now I have an event planning business and a fabulous gorgeous assistant. If I need legal work done, I consult my attorney, who is a barracuda in Armani. She always looks fabulous and dangerous, so I would recommend Armani suits for you.

My dreadful husband, Todd, always keeps his papers shoved in a backpack like some horrible grad student. My fabulous gorgeous assistant carries a butter-soft leather messenger bag. Prada offers a few excellent styles that can take you from the boardroom to the mausoleum in style.

Dear Nancy,

Robert Pattinson is ruining my life! I've been a vampire longer than he's been alive, seen things that would send him running for the nearest movie trailer, but suddenly he is the be-all, end-all for the male vampire. Tousled tresses? Skin dusted by fairies? What's a guy to do? How can I compete? Please advise. Signed Twinkleless in Seattle

Dear Twinkleless,

Take a deep calming breath! Edward Cullen is to vampires as the bubble skirt is to fashion – a novelty that will be soon gone. I could go out now in one of my Aunt Frilly’s 30-year-old Chanel suits and still look fabulous because quality endures. Yes, today Edward Cullen seems as amazing as those giant, vulgar, and suggestive mascara wands. But real vampire mavens are not lured by Bedazzlered and whiny faux adolescents. They appreciate a mature bloodsucker who will take charge and know the best red wine to accompany a freshly decanted AB positive.

In the words of the immortal (and don’t you wonder why he doesn’t age?) Tim Gunn, “Less wickety-wack and carry on.”

If you’d like to know more of my fashion insights, please read my marvelous new book, Nancy’s Theory of Style.

To learn more about Grace, stop by her website at

For her alter ego Marta Acosta, visit either the website or blog.

Want to win a copy of Nancy's Theory of Style? Leave a comment telling us your fav or most hated supernatural/paranormal/fantasy style icon. Hawt or not--Wolverine? Do you groove on the severe Batman look, or are you more in tune with Volvo-driving Edward Cullen?

*Contest runs until May 27th and the winner will be chosen at random (a magic hat usually works). Please leave an email if one is not included in your profile. Thanks!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I hate the whole vampires not having fangs and sparkling like a fairy bit. P!$$es me off I tell you. lol. Twinkleless in Seattle I still heart you. lol. I mean what is sexy about men sparkling? There's nothing scary or intimidating about a sparkly vampire who doesn't have fangs and necks on a deer. {buah ha ha} Okay, now that that is out of my system.

{ ha ha, I had to grab me some tension taming tea. Edward Cullen makes me want to punch the first Volvo-driving man with floofy hair I see square in the nuggets. LOL!}

I agree with what Nancy said. I appreciate the mature bloodsucker who will take charge {in and out of bed} and know the best red wine to accompany the freshly decanted AB positive... even if I don't drink either of them. Now excuse me while I go search for an Edward Cullen poster and punch it.

** Loved this post by the way. :) **

XO Jessica Rabbit OX

Zita said...

X-men - very hot.

Twilight vamps - very not.

The boys from Supernatural - very hot.

SandyG265 said...

My least favorite supernatural icon would have to be the vamps from twilight.

sgiden At verizon DOT net

tina werner said...

x-men wolverine... makes my teeth sweat! love him!!!

thanks for the chance to win!
i love marta!!!!

stampitchick at yahoo dot ca

van_pham said...

My least favorite supernatural icons has to be the vampires from twilight. What kinda vampire sparkles? Yuck.

Thanks for the contest!



LSUReader said...

Nancy--You are so right on those Twilight wanna-be creations. Vampires who sparkle? Gag me. I fondly recall Frank Langella's 1979portrayal of Dracula. Now THAT is a vampire! Thanks for a great column. I'm looking forward to the book.

Marta said...

Hi, everyone!

Jessica, I'm all for the macho men.

Zita, ah the Winchesters, Castiel, and even Bobby!

Sandy and Van, I tried to watch Twilight. RPatz was doing a James Dean impression and I was never very fond of JDean.

Tina, "makes my teeth sweat." I'll have to use that sometime because it sounds so damn dirty! You are a sick girl, and I like that.

LSU, I hear from authorities that Frank Langella's was a smooth, dangerous vamp. I wish the video quality was better, because the only clips I've seen are really murky and have bad audio.

donnas said...

It seems like a pretty common opinion and I have to agree. Sparkly vamps can go.

Anonymous said...

"I tried to watch Twilight. RPatz was doing a James Dean impression and I was never very fond of JDean."

-- I was forced into it. Seriously. My sister-in-law called me into her room and begged me to watch it with her. When I said 'no' she LOCKED me in the room and refused to move from the door. Had my brother not been sleeping I would have thrown a fit.

Anna Dougherty said...

Hi all,

I have to admit a fondness for the brooding Christian Bale Batman and the rugged Wolverine. Both are super yummy to me. But then again I love me some superheroes:)

My favorite paranormal style icon is Alexia Tarabotti from the Parasol Protectorate books (Soulless, Blameless). She rocks the Victorian wardrobe like nobodies business. You have to admire a girl that can take out the evil undead and look good while doing it!

I also like Queen Betsey. She certainly knows her shoes.

Thanks for coming by:)

Rain Maiden said...

So if I say sparkly vampires...will I have to duck from all the flying rocks??? LOL I loved Michael and Lucian from the Underworld movies.

Vickie said...

pphhhhht on the pups from Vamp-lite.

Favorite type, bad boy vamp. Will always love Spike, one of my favorite bad boy vamps...fake Brit accent and all...

VWinship at aol dot com

Marta said...

Re: MovieReviews, I hate the spammers. Spammers like you ruin the internet for the rest of us.

Marta said...

I was obsessed with Fox Mulder for years. The truth is out there! Whenever I hear that doodley-doodle-doodle "The X-Files" theme I get that thrill of anticipation, despite the bad final seasons.

Fox was smart, brave, angsty, funny, determined, and definitely foxy.

Anna Dougherty said...

Yeah, Mulder is a good one! I forgot that I had a crush on him for a lot of years. They had a good soundtrack too, along with that super catchy theme song.

Marta said...

Anna, one of my pals was telling me about Duchovney in Californication and she'd never seen the X-Files! I said, you must rent the DVDs. I thought he, Brad Pitt, and Juliet Lewis were great in a grimy, gritty, dark movie called Kalifornia. Lewis was particularly wonderful as the gentle and sweet girlfriend of a madman.

Wulfie said...

Gerard Butler from Dracula 2000. Corny a bit, but man, he's fine!

Anna D said...

Marta- Never watched X-files? Does she live under a mossy rock? Renting the DVD's is a definite must.

Wulfie- Gerard Butler brilliant and sexy so I don't blame you for choosing him at all.

Rain maiden- Nancy would never approve of throwing rocks:)