Monday, June 21, 2010

True Blood - Episode 2 Recap & Highlights

This post contains spoilers and offensive language.
If you don’t like either, please cover your eyes now.

I don’t know about you guys but, episode 2 left me amped. They’re definitely not holding back on us this season and I’m loving it. So let’s get down the nitty gritty.

Sookie and Jessica head over to Fangtasia to talk to Eric about the dead body they found with the tattoo representing ‘Operation Werewolf’. She starts rambling about Nazi werewolves and how whoever took Bill had to be some type of supernatural. Eric denies knowing anything about the symbol causing Sookie to confront him about his less than helpfulness. He asks Pam and Jessica for some privacy. He proceeds to inform Sookie that there’s a reason humans know nothing about the existence of werewolves. When she accuses him of thinking she’s stupid he tells her that she’s liable to put herself in a danger and adds that her life is too valuable to throw away. Sookie then sits down with him to plead her case. She’s in tears when she explains to him that Bill means everything to her and that she risked her life to help him save Godric and that she doesn’t expect him to do the same for Bill but, that at the very least she hopes he can help her if he can. This leads to one of my favorite one liners of the evening. You can start to see the chink in his armor and it’s quite refreshing. Jessica walks out of the restroom with Pam and asks Sookie to take her home. Sookie and Jessica arrive back at Bill’s house to find Hoyt waiting for Jessica. Sookie returns home and attacks what she thinks is an intruder only to find out it’s Jason. Sookie gets a chance to explain everything that’s going on with Bill and together they stay up to clean the house. She heads in to work the next day and mentally picks up someone speaking outside of Merlotte’s. When she looks up she sees a strung out, dirty biker with the same tattoo she discovered the night before looking at her. Terry walks out of the bar and goes with her into the woods to look for the guy. They find footprints that turn into wolf paw prints and clothing near a tree. They head back into the bar with the clothes. Terry wants to call Andy but Sookie asks Terry not to say anything because this may be her one shot of finding Bill. Before Sookie heads out Terry gives her a gun so that she can protect herself. She then heads home and gets an unexpected visit from Eric. He proceeds to tell her the truth about what he knows about the werewolves. He lets her know that they’re coming for her and he’ll protect her because he owes her. He persistently asks to be let in and she stands her ground letting him know that she’s still Bill’s. They’re going back and forth in conversation Sookie and Eric style when he hears a noise in the woods. He pushes her up against the house and tells her to invite him in. She starts to say that he can’t bully his way in but gets cut off by him baring his fangs at her. She invites him in and he discovers a werewolf in the house. They charge at one another, Sookie pulls the gun Terry gave her and we’re left with the a cliffhanger until episode 3.

We finally get to see what happens during the showdown with the werewolves. Bill ends up taking out 3 of the 5 werewolves that have surrounded him when Russell Edgington, King of Mississippi shows up on horseback (yes, I said horseback) and calls off his wolves. He explains to Bill that they were suppose to escort him back to his home. When Bill tells him that the wolves drank from him he kills off 1 of the last 2 surviving werewolves. The last wolf standing happens to be Coot. Bill learns that the King employs werewolves and is disgusted by the knowledge. The King offers Bill a ride and is promised an explanation once they arrive to his home. They arrive and Bill is introduced to Talbot, the King’s husband. He reminds me a little of the housekeeper from The Birdcage. He is escorted to his room where he is told he’s a guest and once he hears the King’s proposal he’ll be allowed to leave. He meets the King and Talbot for dinner. He basically breaks down the reason for his visit. The King tells Bill that he wants to make him Sheriff of Area 2 and that he’s considering marrying the Queen of Louisiana. Bill’s not sure how he’s going to make that happen and the King says that it’ll require his help. Bill respectfully declines the King’s offer. The King then pulls the ace out of his sleeve and hints that it’s going to be a shame that Sookie will have to pay the price for his stubbornness. To add icing to the cake Lorena walks in during their conversation. It appears Bill loses his marbles and tosses a lit hurricane lamp at her and sets her on fire. We’ll have to see what the consequences for his actions will be in episode 3.

After accompanying Sookie to Fangtasia to speak with Eric, she gets dropped off to discover Hoyt waiting for her. He brought with him some True Blood in the event she might be hungry. He tells her that he understands why she bit his mother and that he’s learned that he needs to take better care of her. Hoyt wants to continue their relationship and tells Jessica that they can get through it together. Jessica explains that it’s too late and runs back inside the house. They end up lingering on either side of the front door shedding tears for one another. The next night she makes a call regarding a chainsaw and sprays Lysol around the house and on the dead body of the trucker she accidentally killed. Jessica returns home from the hardware store and discovers that the trucker’s body has disappeared. Seems things are getting more difficult for my favorite baby vamp.

Sam ends up falling asleep in front of his biological family’s house and is awoken by his step brother, Tommy, pointing a shotgun at him. He leads him into the house and gets recognized by his biological mother. She sits him down and tells him the story of how he ended up being adopted by the Merlotte’s. They have full knowledge of what he is and he lets them know how upset he was that he had to figure out his true nature on his own. He later joins his step brother outside to talk with him. Tommy spends the time giving him a hard time and then tells him he needs to go for a run. Sam asks if he can join him and Tommy agrees. I thought it was particularly funny that Sam turned into a Collie and that Tommy turned into a Pitbull. Tommy leads Sam through the woods and ends up in middle of a road. Unfortunately for Sam, it was a setup to try and get him killed by an oncoming vehicle. Luckily Sam runs off in the nick of time and avoids an untimely demise.

Poor Tara. This episode brought her down a notch. After her near suicide attempt Lafayette drags her out of the house to have a heart to heart with her. He also takes her to an assisted living facility to visit his mother. This is where we meet new cast member Kevin Alejandro who plays Jesus Velasquez, the nurse in charge of taking care of Lafayette’s mother. Lafayette’s mother is mentally ill and he brings Tara here to show her what he doesn’t want happening to her. Tara promises not to end up on that road. They later arrive at Merlotte’s where she meets Franklin Mott for the first time (who, by the way, is seen or rather his boots and hands are seen searching Bill’s house where he locates a folder containing information on Sookie). They briefly discuss their dislike of Bill and then she heads outside to drown her sorrows in alcohol. While she’s moping around two very inebriated bar patrons start to make fun of the incident with Eggs. One of them decides he’s going to relieve himself on the spot where Eggs died. This infuriates Tara and she punches him in the face. In the midst of her tirade, Franklin steps out of the bar to help her. He knocks one of the guys out and holds the other one while she unloads punch after punch.

Eric is at Fangtasia when Sookie arrives with her latest discoveries as to Bill’s whereabouts. During his conversation with her regarding the tattoo she finds, he get caught up in a flashback where he and Godric are hunting something during World War 2. Throughout the show we discover that they were hunting a werewolf trapped inside of a home. They demand to know who her master is. She tells them that her master is one of them. She then attacks Eric and Godric saves his life by snapping her neck. At Fangtasia, he’s not very forthcoming with Sookie. He then visits her home and tells her the truth about what he knows. He tries to charm his way into her house but she puts up a pretty good fight until he demands it of her. Once inside he discovers a werewolf in her house and it’s basically go time. Although he didn’t have many scenes in tonight’s show, his by far impressed me the most. I enjoyed seeing him vulnerable and falling for Sookie.

Poor Jason’s been having a rough time. He heads over to Sookie’s house because he can’t sleep. Sookie accidentally attacks him because she thinks it’s an intruder. They basically catch up while they’re cleaning the house. While Sookie explains her dilemma with Bill and Tara he suggests talking to Andy to see if there’s anything he can do to help. He meets up with Andy and they head over to Merlotte’s for lunch. Jason tells Andy about how he’s feeling like nothing he does is ever good and Andy gives him a pep talk and tells him he’s better than that. He then offers to drive Jason home because he’s too drunk to drive and ends up taking him on a ride to a crime scene. They end up at the home of Calvin Norris. There’s all kinds of craziness going on and Jason sees a girl run off into the woods. He follows her but, she takes off after he tries talking to her. Just so happens that the girl he runs into is Crystal Norris. He heads back toward the house and sees a suspect running away from the house. He decides to lend a helping hand and takes down the suspect with an impressive tackle.


The touching moment between Eric and Sookie at Fangtasia:
I’ve made it no secret that up until now Eric was very high on my list of favorite people. But after tonight’s show I’m ready to ease up on him…a little. I thought it was very touching to see him react emotionally to Sookie.

Moment between Terry and Arlene at Merlotte’s:
Arlene steps out of the restroom to find Terry standing outside waiting for her. He tells her he needs to talk to her and the conversation went something like this:

Terry: I made a list.
Arlene: A list of what?
Terry: Ten reasons why you can trust me with the kids. Number 1 I’m a nurturer. I found a baby armadillo by the side of the road and I nursed it and now it sleeps under my bed. Number 2 I have a diploma in anger management where I learned talking about your feelings is a manly thing to do. Number 3….

Arlene groans and runs into the bathroom and starts throwing up. Terry stands in front of the door and continues to rattle off his list. It is by far the funniest and cutest moment between any couple on the show.

Bill’s nuclear sized melt down:
I’m hoping the scene where he launches a lit hurricane lamp at Lorena isn’t some sort of twisted dream sequence. I dislike Lorena and would gain vast amounts of pleasure watching her suffer some discomfort. Harsh, I know but, true.


I’m rather disappointed on how they decided to portray Talbot. I’m not liking that he’s all cartoony.

Again…no friggin’ Alcide!:
Dear HBO….Not cool man! Not cool at all! Let’s stop beating around the bush shall we?!

This section may contain offensive language.

Favorite One Liners

‘Cooter? Seriously?’
-Bill Compton to Coot

‘Please don’t do that. Makes me feel disturbingly human.’
-Eric Northman to Sookie

‘Oh, my family junk!’
-Jason Stackhouse to Sookie

Jason Stackhouse: ‘There’s werewolves?’
Sookie Stackhouse: ‘Yes.’
Jason Stackhouse: ‘Shit! Bigfoot? Is he real too?’
Sookie Stackhouse: ‘I don’t know I guess it’s possible.’
Jason Stackhouse: ‘Santa?’
Sookie Stackhouse: ‘Jason! Focus.’

‘Usually when I see things other people don’t it’s cause I haven’t taken my medication.’
-Terry Bellefleur to Sookie

‘No, it’s cause of me winning the Miss America pageant.’
-Andy Bellefleur to Jason

‘I’ve always liked you and I’d miss you if you got killed. Just so you know.’
-Terry Bellefleur to Sookie

‘You’re the wind beneath my wings man.’
-Jason Stackhouse to Andy

‘I’m not leaving. You’re going to invite me in so I can protect you. Or have passionate primal sex with you. How about both?’
-Eric Northman to Sookie

OMG…WTF?!?! Can someone explain this to me??

I'll post more pics and an episode 3 preview clip as soon as I can find them.

Were you guys as excited about this episode as I was?  Drop us a line and let us know what grabbed your attention last night and what you could do without.


Vickie said...

I loved what I saw of Sunday's episode. I think Terry was my favorite character this time. He was just so sweet and I loved the list and how he looked after Sookie.

Jen D. said...

I agree Vickie. I loooved the list he made for Arlene and that he went all soldier-y in the woods to track that creepy looking guy. He's charming in his own peculiar way. I didn't catch what he named his armadillo, did you?

Vickie said...

Jen: *grin*
I have a 7 year old active talkative 7 year old daughter...I am lucky to catch half of the dialogue, so wasn't able to catch that tidbit...would be cool, though.

Jen D. said...

Oh...I don't have kids of my own yet so I forget what it's like to live with little ones. =)

My curiousity got the better of me and I looked around online and found his name. It's Felix.

dwizardz said...

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