Friday, July 30, 2010

New Addition to Bite Club

One of the new things I've been working on here at Bite Club is adding new weekly features so that a) I can organize my time better and b) we can all stay up to date on our favorite paranormal goings on. One of the biggest changes comes in that we won't be solely focusing on vampires anymore. Yes, I still love my fangy friends best but even I get burned out after almost 1 year of reading and blogging 100% about vampires. My solution is to open up the blog to all paranormal creatures, and so long as they bite, they can be here. This includes weres, zombies, fae, most mythical creatures, and even witches!

Another change is that I am adding a weekly feature about Vampire Diaries similar to the posts we have about True Blood. This means that I am adding another contributor so let's show some love to our newest blogger...Betty Turner! Each week Betty will have a post, we're thinking Fridays, that will keep us informed about anything and everything Vampire Diaries.

Now I'll admit to knowing next to nothing about this show except that the first couple episodes didn't thrill me, but I am really excited about the opportunity to change my mind. I have been assured/lectured numerous times that Vampire Diaries is a great show so I am committing myself to giving it another try when the new season starts.

So stop by and say hello to Betty! And have a great weekend!

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Jen D. said...

Hi Betty! Welcome aboard. Look forward to your Vampire Diaries recaps and posts.

Hi Anna. Excited about the supes expansion. Hope all is well on your end.