Monday, July 12, 2010

True Blood - Episode 4 Recap & Highlights

This post contains spoilers and may contain offensive language.
If you don’t like either, please cover your eyes now.

Hello Bite Clubbers! I’m happy to announce that True Blood is back!! After making us go through some withdrawal last week, Episode 4 satisfied my craving and left me wanting more. Let me recap the craziness that went down.

Last night’s episode starts with Sookie tending to Alcide’s wounds after the fight at the Were bar. Oh to be the hands that rub that delicious back. *sigh* While tending to Alcide, Sookie receives a call from Bill. To make a painful explanation short, he basically tells her that he no longer wants to be with her and that she should not continue to look for him. Essentially, the S.O.B. does the verbal equivalent of ripping her heart out of her chest while it’s still beating. The poor girl starts balling her eyes out and explains to Alcide what happened. He offers her his shoulder to cry on (oh to be a tear on that shoulder) and tries to comfort her as best he can. She then receives a call from Tara but, tells her she’ll call her back in the morning. Later that night Eric drops by (literally) for a visit. Sookie invites him in and, well, gives him a little taste of what he’s been craving. (More on that in Eric’s section). The next morning Sookie wakes up to Alcide cooking and they get into a bit of a heated exchange about relationships and he takes off in a huff. We meet Alcide’s sister, Janice, who stops by to give Sookie a makeover for Debbie’s engagement party. She finds out through Janice’s thoughts that the engagement party is actually an initiation and that Debbie is hooked on V. When Alcide comes back to the apartment Sookie informs him about what she learned and he loses his cool but, decides to go with Sookie. They show up at the Were bar and Sookie saunters up to the bar where she sees the Were who’s thoughts she read in the last episode. He offers her a shot and when she declines he starts to become suspicious. In order to throw him off she drinks the shot she’s offered and follows it up with two more. As she throws back the last one she’s confronted by Debbie Pelt. They start going at it when Alcide walks up and gets involved in the less than friendly exchange. He tries to convince her not to join the rival pack and she proceeds to be her nasty, revolting self. If I could slap someone through a television screen I so would have. As he’s pleading his case, Coot (Debbie’s new fiancé and Russell’s goon) walks up to break up the ex-lover’s quarrel. Coot begins the initiation and all Sookie and Alcide can do is stand back and watch the show. Much to Alcide’s surprise, the master of ceremonies is none other than the King of Mississippi himself. Alcide is shocked to see a pack of werewolves bow before a vamp. The King fills up shot glasses with his blood and offers it to the crowd. After his departure they initiate Debbie into the pack by branding her. Coot shifts which forces everyone else to shift. Before Alcide changes he forces Sookie to run out of the bar.

Will this poor girl ever get a break? We find Franklin giving Tara the vamp stare and pumping her for information about Bill and Sookie. She divulges that Sookie’s a telepath and the reason she’s in love with Bill. He forces her to call Sookie to find out where she is. Sookie tells her she’ll call her back tomorrow. Tara breaks free of his hold for a second and runs. Unfortunately, she’s nowhere near fast enough and gets pinned to the wall and bitten by Creepy McCreepster. He ties her up to ensure she can’t escape while he sleeps during the day. The following night he informs her that they’re going on a little field trip. He loads her up into the car and as they’re heading down the highway Tara asks where they’re going. He lets her know that they’re paying a visit to his employer. And much to my shock (or maybe I’m the only one that didn’t see this coming) they end up in Russell Edgington’s foyer. I don’t know about you but, I’m more than a little worried about what’s going to happen to Tara.

Here’s another one that can’t seem to catch a break. After his brother attempts to rob him, Sam heads outside to see if he can find him. He sees no sign of Tommy but, he ends up finding his parents sleeping in their van in his parking lot. Sam asks them to leave as soon as they find Tommy. The next night Sam is training Jessica to be a hostess. He also catches a lot of grief from Arlene due to her fluctuating hormones. He follows Arlene back to the kitchen window and Terry comments that his parents are grilling out in the woods near the bar. Sam heads out to find them and finds Tommy instead. He sits down with him and attempts to administer some brotherly love. After hearing how Tommy feels he heads back to find their parents. Sam then offers them a deal. He’ll help them out until they get back on their feet if, and only if, Tommy stops stealing and Joe Lee stops drinking. They accept the offer. I hope this doesn’t come back to bite Sam in the rear end.

My favorite baby vamp gets hired by Sam to help out at Merlotte’s. During her first night on the job she runs into a guy she used to go to Bible Study with. He starts to tell her how excited her family is going to be when they find out she’s alive. Jess realizes she has a problem on her hands and walks her friend outside. They sit down and she hits him with the vamp stare. She reprograms him to think that he never stopped by the bar and he never saw her. Our little girl is growing up so fast. *sniffle* It seems like only yesterday she was barely able to control her fangs.

We find Jason at the bar with Hoyt after one of their shifts trying to get some beers. Unfortunately for him, Arlene’s the only waitress and she’s too busy to attend him. This puts him in a bad mood. Adding to his aggravation is Bud Dearborne’s announcement during his retirement party that Andy Bellefleur is the new sheriff in town. Andy heads to the bathroom and Jason follows him to inform him that he wants to be a cop. Andy isn’t thrilled by Jason’s little antic. So he starts lecturing him about working for what he wants and going through the proper channels. Jason counters that after all that’s happened Andy will find a way to make him a cop without having to go through all the necessary procedures. Andy does not like the idea of being blackmailed but, walks out of the restroom without saying another word.

Remember the visit I mentioned earlier? Well it turns out it was just a daydream Eric was having during one of Yvetta’s entertainment sessions. He later goes on to save Lafayette from a beat down he’s getting at the hands of some of the Hot Shot residents. (We also get another peek at Calvin and Crystal Norris). Lafayette and Eric start to head back to Bon Temps in Lafayette’s new ‘present’. Eric is trying to explain the finer points of salesmanship when he receives a distressing call from Pam. She tells him that the Magister is raiding Fangtasia. As she hangs up the phone the Magister confronts her with the viles of vamp blood they’ve been selling. When Eric arrives the Magister is torturing Pam for information about the V. She says Bill’s name and Eric follows it up by saying that Bill is missing and he suspects that he’s the one to blame for selling V. The Magister gives him two days to get to the bottom of it. If he doesn’t he threatens to kill Pam.

After placing a call to Sookie, we find Bill in his room with Lorena who is loving the fact that he just crushed poor Sookie’s heart. After one of her usual comments, Bill becomes infuriated and gives her a Mike Tyson style punch to the face that knocks her out of the room. Later that night (or maybe the next night) Bill meets with Russell. He wants to strike a deal with the King. In exchange for his assistance he would like the King to get rid of Lorena. The King doesn’t seem to take his request seriously until Bill mentions that Eric and Sophie-Anne are responsible for selling V in Area 5. We then find the King, Lorena and Bill in a limo in search of a meal. The King asks Bill to procure them some dinner. Bills heads into a strip joint and the King tells Lorena that there’s an errand he needs to run. Bill finds their meal for the evening and escorts her back to the limo. The King invites her in and lets Lorena have first taste. They go to town on this poor stripper. Bill has no choice but to comply with the King’s request that he join in. I’d like to see how Bill intends to get himself out of this sticky situation with the King and his obsessed maker.


Sookie’s undercover get up
The girl looks like she’s ready to kick some ass in her leather pants and black wig. It’s a nice change from her sweet girl attire.

Eric helping out Lafayette
I loved it when Eric came to Lafayette’s rescue after a drug deal gone wrong. I also like that he tries to educate him in the fine art of sales.

Bill’s knockout punch
Let’s face it. I love any scene that involves Lorena getting beat up.


Lorena is still alive
Unfortunately, that punch to the face wasn’t fatal so we’re still stuck with her.

Franklin Mott
The guy is creepy and I don’t like or trust him. Do we have to deal with him all season?

Debbie Pelt
Another character I get to add to the Do Not Like list. Yippee!

This section may contain offensive language.

Favorite One Liners

‘All I know is no matter how well you think you know somebody they can still turn around and kick you in the nut sack.’
-Alcide to Sookie

‘I thought maybe you were coming down with a flu.’
-Sookie to Alcide

‘Sometimes I think that boy’s cheese done slid right off his cracker.’
-Melinda to Sam

‘Ah, that boy makes my ass itch.’
-Joe Lee

‘Are you kidding? I couldn’t carry a tune with a bucket with a lid on it.’
-Sookie to Eric

‘I’m a vampire not a f***ing idiot.’
-Jessica to Sam

‘Let’s go Ru Paul.’
-Eric to Lafayette

What say you Bite Clubbers? Did last night’s episode make up for not having a show to watch last week? What were some of your favorite and not so favorite moments? Drop us a line and let us know what’s on your mind.


Anna D said...

Last night was a great show. I even had my very first taste of Tru Blood- my brother just came back from New York and he brought 2 bottles back for me:)

My only complaint is that I think they really went overboard with making Debbie Pelt trashy. Makes ya wonder why Alcide liked her in the first place. I don't recall her being that way in the books- she was just a bitch:)

Loved the nut sac line and laughed out loud when Sookie replied back.

Jen D. said...

I've always wondered what Tru Blood tastes like. Any good?

Vickie said...

I was pleased that True Blood wasn't on last weekend since I was out of town with not television let along no HBO. This week's was FAB! Lordy, I love the Eric and Sookie scenes, dream or no.

Thank you for posting the best lines, too! The ones last night were priceless.

Alcide...sigh....shirtless...purdeeee Alcide....I do wonder on his brain function to be attracted to Debbie Pelt, though. What a skank!

Kimberly Swan said...

Alcide shirtless? Definitely made up for the week we didn't get our fix.
I thought that was a great look for Sookie! The character of Joe Lee disturbs me, but I guess he's supposed to. Hot Shot was a lot rougher than I expected. Can't wait for the next one! :)

Jen D. said...

Thanks for stopping by ladies!

Vickie - I'm hoping he liked Debbie before the skankiness. Otherwise I'd question his taste in women. Although Sookie and Eric aren't my favorite pairing, I can't dispute the heat factor of their scene together.

Kimberly - I think wardrobe should just get rid of all of Alcide's shirts. ;) Joe Lee is definitely disturbing and what's with the whole walking around in his underwear?

Is it Sunday yet?

Anna D said...

Tru Blood tastes pretty decent. Really sweet and super fizzy. Fun!

Lorelei said...

Enjoying your posts on this, since I don't have HBO. Someday I'll own the whole DVD's . . . I hope!!!!

Jen D. said...

Anna - I like sweet and fizzy. I'll have to pick some up and give 'em a try.

Lorelei - Glad you're enjoying the posts. =)