Sunday, August 29, 2010

Interview with Cynthia Eden

 *This month BC has been hosting author Cynthia Eden and I had such a great time working with her on the guest post, contest and now, this interview. It's always nice to learn more about the authors we love and find common interests. So I hope you enjoy this Q&A and be sure to come back on September 7th for our discussion event!

The Craft

1. What is your writing process like? Do you keep organized notes? Do you designate a set time for
writing each day?

Each day, I set a page goal for myself (usually between 10-15 pages). I write my pages, and I make sure that I don’t sleep until I make my goal. I also keep notes in a journal near my computer, just in case I need to go back and check out character details or major plot points.

2. Do you have music that you listen to for inspiration?

I like to listen to hard, driving music before I write. To better get me into a darker mood. But, while
I’m writing, I just like silence—I can get deeper into my story when I have that peace and quiet.

3. How do you celebrate finishing a book?

With chocolate! Chocolate is always the best way to celebrate! I also reward myself with reading time.

4. Why did you choose the vampire as a character for your book?

I love vampires. I’ve loved them for years. When I watched Dark Shadows years ago, I loved the vampire hero. When I watched Buffy, I wanted her to appreciate the awesomeness that was Spike. Vampires are such wonderful (and eternal ) characters—how could I not write about one?

5. What is easier to write- the hero, the heroine, or the villain?

Tough question! Getting into the head of the villain can be tricky, especially when I’m trying to
understand his/ her motivations. So my answer will be that it’s a split between the hero and heroine—
they are my main characters and the words always flow easier for them.

6. Favorite character that you have written?

I think my favorite (so far!) is the demon Niol from MIDNIGHT’S MASTER. Niol is a very bad demon, and
he didn’t magically turn good in the book. However, I hope I showed readers a new side to my demon,
and that they enjoyed his tale.

7. What vampire mythology do you use in your writing?

In my books, I say that there are two types of vampires: The Born (or the Blood) and the Taken. Born/
Blood vampires are born as humans, but in their early twenties, their bodies change as the bloodlust
burns through them, and they become vampires. The Born spread the “disease” of vampirism. They bite others, and those vamps can then be “Taken” (the name for those who become vampires only after a blood exchange).

My vampires can go out in the sunlight, though they are weaker during the day. They need human blood to stay strong. When a human undergoes the change and becomes a vampire, he/she dies for only a brief moment, and then that person rises as a vampire (but a vampire who has a heart that beats and a vampire who needs oxygen to survive).

General Vampire Questions

1. Looking back in history, who is the one person you'd expect to find out was really a vampire? Why?

Elvis Presley! Come on—those Elvis sightings are still going on! The King is eternal.

2. What would you want to say if you met a real vampire?

I’d ask just how long he/she had been living—and then I’d probably run away, quickly.

3. If vampires existed should they stay hidden, or reveal themselves?

Stay hidden. I think folks have too much of a tendency to attack things they don’t understand. It would
be safer for the vamps to just stay in the shadows.

4. Would you make a good vampire?

Oh, no, I’d be a terrible vampire. I faint at the sight of blood.

Speed Round

1. Vampires- fangs or no fangs?

Fangs—but only at snack-time.

2. Blood- fresh, bottled, or synthetic?

Fresh—it would taste better.

3. Romance or Horror?

Why not both?

4. One thing readers would be surprised to know about you?

I’m an ex-Catholic school teacher. Really.

5. Favorite vampire book? Movie?

Another tough question. There are so many to name…okay, my favorite vampire book is Christine
Feehan’s Dark Fire. Love those Carpathians! My favorite vampire movie is Love at First Bite.

What's on Tap

1. Any projects in the works? Sneak peeks you'd like to share with BC?

Lots of new projects coming up! (I’m very excited to say that!) My romantic suspense series has just
launched from Grand Central Publishing (Forever). The first book in the series, DEADLY FEAR, released at the beginning of August. My “Deadly” books follow a group of FBI agents as they track and apprehend serial killers (because not all monsters are vampires and demons—some monsters are the killers who hide in plain sight).

I am also very excited to say that I am working on a Fallen Angel series for Kensington Brava. The
first book in the series (sorry, it’s still untitled), focuses on an Fallen Angel of Death who wants to
regain his wings. To earn redemption, he just has to do one small thing…kill the vampire heroine.

Thank you so much for interviewing me! I’m happy to be participating in your Bite Club!


Teril said...

Great interview! I will have to pick of one of her books! Thank you for the Q&A.

Cynthia Eden said...

Thanks for checking out the interview, Teril!

And Anna, thanks so much for interviewing me!

Joanna Terrero said...

Hi, everybody! I learned of this great interview thanks to a Michele Hauf's tweet.
Cynthia, I read I'll Be Slaying You, and I love it. Besides the story, what caught my attention is your unique voice. I told all my fellow aspiring writers that you are the best example of what editors mean when they say, fresh unique voice. I will be looking forward to your coming books. Best of luck with your new projects.

Victoria said...

Really nice interview. Have to admit I think Niol is a bad ass - sweetie.

Cynthia Eden said...

Hi, Joanna! Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed I'll Be Slaying You.

Thanks for checking out the interview, Victoria!