Monday, August 23, 2010

True Blood - Episode 10 Recap & Highlights

This post contains spoilers and may contain offensive language.
If you don’t like either, please cover your eyes now.

Hi Bite Clubbers. Sorry this post was delayed. So it looks like we had a bunch of stuff going on in this episode. Let’s take a look see….

Dum dum dum…we finally find out that Sookie is a fairy. Much to what appears to be her dismay. Bill fills her in on what he knows and about meeting Claudine in the garden utopia. He also warns her that people are going to be after her because the supes believe that the fairies were wiped out by the vamps. Sookie wants to know why everyone thinks the fairies are extinct. Bill tells her that fairy blood is very intoxicating and delectable to vampires. She asks him if his feelings for her are based on her blood. He assures her that they’re not. And so begins Bill trying to convince Sookie that he’s in love with her and not her blood. He evens vows not to drink her blood if that is what it takes to convince her. It’s really very sweet. For some reason Stevie Wonder’s You Are the Sunshine of My Life was playing in my head while I was watching this scene. Tara and Jason come in and while Jason’s outside with Bill Sookie grills Tara about what her problem is. Tara lets loose everything that happened to her while she was stuck with Franklin. Sookie finally understands why she’s acting the way she is and gives her a hug to console her. Sookie falls asleep and ends up having a dream featuring Eric. Calm down everyone…no clothes were shed in the making of this scene. However, there is some kissing and a message of sorts. Sookie asks why she keeps dreaming about him and he tells her that she has feelings for him. He also says that she knows she can’t trust Bill. He says that’s not his blood talking, it’s her survival instinct kicking in. He then bites into her neck and she wakes up. She then takes off and heads to Fangtasia to confront Eric. She wants to know why she’s not going to see him anymore. He then brings up the subject of trusting Bill. She wants to know why. He tells her that they’re forces beyond his control and that if he met the true death without having kissed her it would be his biggest regret. She asks him why it sounds like he’s saying good bye. And he says because he is. And then BAM they’re totally making out. Fully dressed of course but, still full on making out. She pulls away and asks him why she can’t trust Bill. Unfortunately for her Pam walks in and interrupts their little heart to heart by telling Eric there’s a vampire emergency. Sookie’s left standing there without an answer. And then it all heads south. Eric walks in, throws her over his shoulder and locks her up in Fangtasia’s basement. She is NOT a happy camper.

Jess and Tommy are scrubbing floors while Arlene is watching our favorite preacher man, Steve Newlin, go on and on about the vamps. Arlene makes a smart comment and Jessica pushes her up against the wall and gives her an earful. Arlene runs off with her tale between her legs and Jess starts to feel bad about what she did. Tommy tells her that she shouldn’t feel bad and starts hitting on her by complimenting her fangs. (Um, this little scene gave me the willies because I think Tommy’s kind of creepy). They get on the topic of Hoyt and Tommy asks her why she’s not with him. She says it’s because he’s too good for her. And Sam’s creepy little brother says that he’s not. This makes Jessica mad and she walks off. Jess wakes up the next night to find a burning cross in her front lawn. She runs outside to see if she can catch who did it and is joined by Bill on the front porch. She wants to chase after the people but, Bill stops her and explains that now is the time to hold back even if it’s against their nature. That night at the bar Hoyt comes in and tells her that he’s broken up with Summer because he wants to be with her. She tries to convince him that he wouldn’t like some of the things she’s done. He says that if she can look him in the eye and tell him she doesn’t love him he’ll leave her alone. She doesn’t say anything and he walks out of the bar. Tommy takes the opportunity to walk outside and taunt him. Hoyt ends up punching him in the mouth. (Go Hoyt!) Tommy ends up shifting into a pit and attacks Hoyt. Jessica goes outside to follow him and sees he’s being attacked. She comes to his rescue by tossing Tommy off of him. He’s badly hurt and she tries to give him her blood. He refuses. She looks him in the eye and tells him she loves him and tells him he has to drink and he does. How creepy is it that Tommy’s spying on them?

Sam heads back to the trailer to drown his sorrows. The more sips he takes the more voices start floating around in his head. And then BAM! We’re takin’ back to a flashback dated 2003. A slick haired, suit wearing Sam pushes in through the door of a motel room with a blonde floozy type. He throws a briefcase onto the bed and pulls out two black velvet bags filled with expensive jewelry. Sam a jewel thief, um, yeah sure HBO. Anyway his girl gets all hot and bothered and he puts her up against a wall where they start to make out when some random greasy haired dude sneaks up on him and points a gun to his head. Turns out blondie set him up and they take off with his loot. We flashback to the present where we find Sam getting drunker and angrier by the second. Sam heads back into work the next morning or afternoon. Terry walks in and stares at the floor while heading to the back room. Sam starts to realize that everyone is uncomfortable around him after what happened at the bar. He talks to them and assures them that he’s not crazy. Sam heads off into the woods that night to drink his sorrows away and we’re shown another flashback where he ends up going back to get the money that was stolen from him. Craziness goes down and Sam accidentally kills his girlfriend and then intentionally kills her boyfriend. O_o I‘m a little scared of Mafioso Sam.

Jason has just obliterated Franklin and starts having gnarly flashbacks of when he accidentally killed Eggs and when Amy staked Eddie. Tara takes a second to snap out of it and starts giving Jason orders. They cover Franklin’s blood puddle with dirt and throw his clothes (or what’s left of them anyway) into the back of Jason’s truck and take off. They head back to Jason’s house and find Sookie and Bill there. Sookie asks him if she can stay a few days since she’s got a werewolf and vamp problem. Tara starts to get all snarky with Bill and he tells Sookie that it’ll be dawn soon and that he should head to ground. He motions Jason to go with him and Jason follows. Bill makes Jason promise to protect his sister. Next morning he’s talking to Sookie about Franklin and Sookie tries to convince him that he did the right thing. Jason then confesses to Sookie about what happened with Eggs. She wants him to tell Tara the truth but, he’s scared that he’ll hurt her even more if he does. Jason makes breakfast for Tara and while dropping the tray off he starts to try to tell her about Eggs but, is cut off by her thanking him for saving her. She goes on to tell him how she’s grateful that he gets her and so on and he ends up losing his nerve to reveal the truth. And then it takes a turn into left field. Tara gives him a pop kiss and then ends up kind of making out with him. Jason pulls away and Tara feels bad and gets up to walk off. Jason stops her and finally confesses that he shot Eggs. Tara who just went from bad to worse runs out of the house. Jason stops at the door and realizes Sookie’s gone. He finds a note from her saying she’ll be back soon. Oh Jason…it’s not for lack of trying. He heads back home after searching for her and Bill comes in demanding to know where she is. Bill goes on to say that he’s let him down. Jason at that point has had enough and revokes Bill’s invitation to his house. He then hears someone in his room. When he walks in he sees a panther in the middle of his bedroom floor. And then right before his very eyes the panther shifts into Crystal. Uh, yeah he’s pretty stupefied at this point.

We find Eric giving his last will and testament to an attorney type while Pam is pacing the floor behind him. Pam keeps throwing out remarks about why he’s doing this and why he’s giving up. He turns around and rather angrily tells her that unless she has a way to defeat Russell she needs to stop distracting him. You know you’re in dire straits when you’re asking one of your club dancers to be a witness to you executing your will. Eric makes a guest appearance at Jason’s house where Sookie and Bill are hiding out. Never one to miss an opportunity to put a surprised look on Bill’s face, he tells him that he knows what she is. He also questions him about her blood and if it gives him the ability to walk in the sun. Eric tells him about Russell coming after Sookie and what happened with Talbot. Bill starts to lay into him and thanks him for putting them back a thousand years. They then get into a little fight about telling the truth when Sookie finds them and joins in on the conversation. She has some rather harsh words for Eric and he responds by telling them that they won’t have to worry about him much longer. He wishes her well and takes off. During his meeting with Sookie the next night, Pam interrupts and has him step out of his office into the bar. She then tears him a new one for not using Sookie to save himself. Pam then realizes that he’s putting a human before himself. She then hits a nerve when she says that he would have done or said anything to save Godric. She tells him to find a way to use her and fast.


Lafayette and Jesus trying to save Calvin
I can’t believe the guy was so ungrateful after they saved his life.

Terry and Arlene
Dude, how sweet is Terry?! I got a little misty eyed.

Lafayette and Jesus’ V trip
I know there might be some of you who’ll dislike that particular scene but, I thought the effects and the cinematography were pretty cool. And I like that they’re involving Jesus and Lafayette in what looks like an interesting story line as opposed to a bunch of fluff.


Calvin and Crystal
I wouldn’t necessarily call it a lowlight but, it’s definitely a messed up family dynamic. I really don’t like how they’re portraying Calvin.

Hoyt and Summer
Does anyone else thinks this girl is a total fruit loop? I don’t like that she’s trying to come between Jess and her man. Git 'er Jess!

Wow…he’s totally bat sh*t crazy. Normally this would be a highlight but it’s taken a turn into freaky town and I’m not liking the trip.

Favorite One Liners

‘I’m a fairy?! How f*cking lame.’
-Sookie to Bill

‘Less than nothing, you gold digging whore!’
-Eric to Yvetta

‘Them f*ckers is a whole new dimension of trash.’
-Lafayette to Jesus (referring to Calvin and Crystal)

‘Well you should know since you’re now his butt boy.’
-Bill to Eric

‘Well I don’t like narrow minded, skinny b*tches with bad dye jobs. But, at least I got the courtesy to keep my mouth shut about it. Most of the time.’
-Jessica to Arlene

‘You got anything that works for nosiness and bad boundaries.’
-Sam to Holly

‘Blah, blah, vampire emergency, blah.’
-Pam to Eric

For Your Viewing Pleasure

So what did ya’ll think? Are we liking the different takes on some of the characters? Was this episode too over the top or was there not enough stuff going on? Inquiring minds want to know….


Carrie said...

I dont have HBO but I really enjoy reading your recap. The one liners are the best. Thanks

Jen D. said...

Hi Carrie. You're very welcome. The one liners are my favorite part to work on.

Amanda said...

I am a die hard True Blood fan! And I agree with you that they are portraying Calvin in completely the wrong way.