Friday, August 6, 2010

Vampire Diaries Teaser

First, an introduction so that I can carry on about The Vampire Diaries. I’m Betty and I live in Myrtle Beach SC. I have fallen in love with vampires, shifters, and other types of fantasy creatures. I have loved reading fiction since I was a teenager and my mom finally let me go into the romance section of the library. I wanted to take on writing about the Vampire Diaries because I really enjoyed the books. Yes, I too was skeptical about the TV series to begin with but after seeing season 1 and reading lots of things about season 2, I think the series has a lot to offer. Including a very sexy cast that had me tuning in week after week and setting my DVR to record.

On September 9th at 9 8/7c, Season 2 of the Vampire Diaries graces our TV screen! For now, we have to satisfy our passion for Vampire Diaries with interviews, clips, and tasty tidbits from the writers, actors, and producers. ComicCon 2010 was Vampires Diaries hotbed of information; several provocative questions were answered but we were left wanting more…

***There might be some spoilers if you haven’t seen season one or read the books so proceed with caution…***

Kevin Williamson, writer for Vampire Diaries, when asked about why Katherine and Elena looked so much alike, answered, “It’s not an easy answer, it’s something I think Elena’s going to have to uncover, and I think the answers aren’t exactly what she wants to hear. But 100%, she is going to figure out the doppelganger aspect.” Kevin also alluded that Elena would take a lead role in learning that she has a look-alike in Mystic Falls. He says that, "We’re going to play with the doppelganger and why does she look exactly like Katherine from 1864. And Elena takes that journey to uncover the truth because she wants to find out. Wouldn’t you want to know? I mean, it’s creepy.” While it would be WAY creepy to have a doppelganger running around town, we absolutely want to know the whys and how’s.

He also dropped hints about some tidbits that weren’t able to be shown in season 1. “You know, we talked about the founder’s ball, back in 1864 but we never showed it [in season 1]. We have an opportunity to show it, and show what happened when Katherine was there. What’s she doing? Oh look and there’s Mr. Lockwood in the corner, what’s he up to? So there’s a way we can sort of connect everything and show you part B. The other half of the story that hasn’t been told yet," Kevin added that there will be flashbacks in the first 13 episodes that will stick to Mystic Falls circa the 1860’s.

I’m not going to spill all of the info I’ve collected all at once… tune in next Friday for more tidbits and treats and I’ll definitely spill what info I have on our hot blooded werewolves………..


Anna D said...

Hi Betty,

Welcome aboard the Bite Club Express!

I will admit to avoiding Vampire Diaries last season because the first few episodes just didn't ring true for me. The high school cast just looked odd to me and the blonde vampire dude just didn't suck me in (Ha!).

I'm told that the show got much better and I am going to try and watch season 1 on DVD so I can all caught up for the premiere.

Jen D. said...

Hi Betty and welcome. I enjoyed the teaser post.

I, like Anna, need to watch the rest of Season 1. I watched the first three but ended up losing all the other episodes. =/ You think Netflix has the first season?

Looking forward to more tidbits, teasers and future posts.