Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Contest Winners!! And some important vampire voting news

*Many thanks (again) to Jesse and the generous folks over at Orbit books. You all rock!!

And the three lucky winners are:

*Sara M. who commented that: I like to read about zombies because they can be so many things: scary, midunderstood, funny. They don't seem to get as repetitive as vampires and shapeshifters.
*Jen M. who was honest enough to say: I don't actually read zombie books very often - they are usually too bloody for me. But this sounds like it has the same attitude as Shawn of the Dead, which I loved, so I would break my usual no zombie rule in this case and read it.

*Debbie who wisely reflected that: Why read zombies? I think in part, because unlike vampires and werewolves, no matter what, they are still human. They may not think or act like it, but at least they once were. I have just read a couple of books with zombies as main characters. It is really interesting. I would love to read this book.

Please email me at with all your mailing info so that I may send it along to all the right people and get those books in the mail.

And now for the important voting news. It would appear that Henry Fitzroy (Blood Ties) fans have overrun Vampire Wire's Second Annual Ultimate Hawt Vampire Poll again this year. We cannot let that happen! Too many other insanely hot vampires are in the running. For example:

Count Dracula in Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) - Gary Oldman

Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries– Ian Somerhalder

Deacon Frost in Blade - Stephen Dorf

Dracula in Dracula 2000 - Gerard Butler

Eric Northman in True Blood - Alexander Skarsgard

Hannibal King in Blade Trinity – Ryan Reynolds

Lestat de Lioncourt in Queen of the Damned - Stuart Townsend

Michael Corvin in Underworld - Scott Speedman

Mitchell in Being Human - Aidan Turner

 So come on...get over to Vampire Wire and vote!


debbie said...

Thank you for the book. I just sent you my info. Congrats to the other winners,too.

Jen D. said...

Congrats winners!