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True Blood Finale Recap & Highlights

This post contains spoilers and may contain offensive language.
If you don’t like either, please cover your eyes now.

Hello Bite Clubbers! I decided to do a straight run through of the episode as opposed to the character breakdown that I normally do. Hope you like the new format. Anywho, the moment we’ve all been waiting for and dreading has arrived. The True Blood Season 3 finale aired Sunday, September 12th and I’m sad to say I was left a little…disappointed. Maybe it’s just me though, so let’s get this recap underway…

The finale starts off with Eric and Russell handcuffed together and slowly frying to a crisp in the Fangtasia parking lot. They’re going back and force as to why Eric is trying to kill them both when he’s visited by Godric's spirit (yes, you read that right). Godric is pleading with Eric to forgive Russell and to let go of the hate he harbors. He’s not happy to hear what Godric is saying and lets loose a pretty savage scream. We then cut to Sookie running through a dark forest and stopping at a lit chandelier. She looks up at the chandelier and as it blurs out she wakes up to see Bill staring at her. She gets off the table and slaps him across the face and yells at him for betraying her. Bill defends himself and says it was the only way to save her from Russell. She looks around and asks where Eric is. Pam replies that he’s outside. Sookie runs off to go get him and is stopped by Bill. He says that it’s the only way they’ll be able to get rid of Russell. Sookie doesn’t want to hear it and pushes past him to get to Eric. She runs outside and is trying to figure out how to separate Eric from Russell. Russell tells her to use her powers. Sookie replies that she doesn’t know how. Russell then starts to taunt her. Apparently her power is linked to her emotions because he pisses her off to the point that she’s able to blast the handcuffs apart. Russell then commands her to drag him inside and she blasts him clear across the parking lot. She drags Eric back into the club and asks Bill to bite her wrist so that she can feed him. She tells Bill to keep an eye on Eric while he’s feeding on her so he doesn’t lose control.

We’re then taken to Sam’s trailer the morning after his hookup with Tara. Tara’s watching a televised war of words between Nan Flanagan and Steve Newlin and Sam’s making them breakfast. They’re having some light morning conversation when Tara brings up the fact that he barks in his sleep. Sam then informs her that he’s a shape shifter which leaves Tara stunned.

We cut back to Sookie feeding Eric. Bill pulls her hand away and heals the wound. Eric then asks where Russell is. Sookie tells him he’s outside. Eric tells them he needs to be brought back inside. Sookie asks why. He mentions that Godric visited him while he was outside and told him he needed to spare him. Bill tells him he’s crazy. Sookie can’t believe he wants to bring in the man that tried to kill them all and Pam says he should let him fry. Eric gets up and says that he’ll get Russell himself. He stares down Bill, Bill stares him down as well and they both bare fangs at each other. Sookie rolls her eyes and heads out to go get Russell. She runs outside, wraps a thick silver chain around Russell’s neck and drags him back inside.

We head back to Sam’s trailer, where Tara is looking at him like he’s grown a third head. She asks him if being a shape shifter is something he should mention before sleeping with someone. He apologizes for not telling her beforehand. She tells him that she’s not in the mood to deal with any more supernatural crap. Sam tries to point out that supes aren’t the only ones that have caused her trouble. Tara tells him that she wishes she could just reboot and be a completely new person with a new life. Sam says she’d be surprised how easy it would be for someone as smart as her to do it. Tara asks him about the old life and if it ever catches up to you. Sam says that it does but, that’s why you have to keep on moving.

We go back to Fangtasia where Eric is tying up Russell (who is hideously burnt to a crisp) to the stripper pole (ew?) and Sookie, Bill and Eric are telling him how crazy it is that he didn’t leave Russell outside to die. Eric tells Sookie to help him tie up Russell and as she approaches Russell turns his head like he wants to bite her. Sookie tells him not to even think about it and he responds by saying it’s the only thing he’ll ever think about again. Bill suggests that they head to ground and Eric agrees. Eric tells Sookie to watch Russell. She’s not happy about it but, Eric says that Russell can’t glamour her and that Ginger will be in shortly. Eric tells Pam to ready a guest coffin for Bill. Bill says that he’s going to stay with Sookie. Sookie tells him that she doesn’t want to see his face or any of their faces so he might as well leave. Before they head out Eric makes a phone call and then turns to Sookie and tells her not to stake Russell.

We’re taken to the police station where Andy is talking to the head DEA agent regarding the V his police department confiscated. Jason walks in and Andy asks him what he’s doing there. The DEA agent asks Andy who Jason is. Jason walks over to him and introduces himself as the deputy who cracked the case of the V ring in Hot Shot. When he asks the DEA agent when the raid is taking place Andy drags him back to his office. Andy starts ripping into to him about tipping off the people from Hot Shot. Jason tries to explain about the innocent people who live there. Andy isn’t convinced and wants Jason to give him one good reason why he should have the raid stopped. Jason says he promised he wouldn’t say anything. This infuriates Andy and he accidentally tells Jason that the raid is going down that same day. Jason runs off and Andy tells him he can forget ever being a cop if he screws the raid up.

We then see Tara heading out of Sam’s trailer. She stops and looks around for a second and is taken over by bad memories of things that have happened there like finding Miss Jeanette dead in her car, finding Eggs dead and Jason shooting Franklin. She’s overwhelmed and starts to cry.

We then find Hoyt driving into work and as he’s approaching his job he sees his mother, Summer and a man waiting for him. When he asks them what they’re doing there, his mother introduces him to the high school’s guidance counselor who then tells him that they are there to talk to him. They’re basically there to stage an intervention regarding his relationship with Jessica. Summer starts off by reading her letter. She’s then followed by his mother. Hoyt finally grows a pair and tells them that he loves Jessica and if they don’t like his relationship with her then they can’t be a part of his life. He wishes Summer well and heads off to start his job.

Sam heads out and notices Lafayette standing in front of the Merlotte’s. He mentions that he’s there early and Lafayette responds by saying that he wanted to head in early to start working on some stew but, left his house in such a rush that he forgot his keys. As Sam is trying to open up Lafayette has a strange vision of Sam’s hands covered in blood. It freaks him out but, he tries to maintain his composure so Sam doesn’t see him acting weird.

We head back to Fangtasia where Russell is trying to bargain with Sookie so that she’ll release him. He offers her money and the death of Eric and Bill. She then asks what she has to do in return. He says that she has to release him and she quickly refuses. He tells her that one day some vampire is going to rip her apart to get to the essence of her. She then tells him to shut up. Of course he doesn’t and keeps on rambling. He then brings up the fact that he’s surprised that Bill is able to control himself when he drinks her blood. He tries to keep on talking but, she blasts him in the face with Pam’s colloidal silver. This really ticks him off and he starts saying that she better hope that he dies because if he doesn’t he’s going to feed her entrails to something. However, before he can finish his sentence Sookie picks up his glass jar o’ Talbot which quickly shuts him up. She asks him why he’s carrying it around. He says because he loved him. Sookie puts two and two together and calls him out on his plan to use her blood to try to bring him back to life. She then walks over to the sink and dumps Talbot’s remains down the drain. As Russell screams Sookie starts to laugh.

Jason and Crystal head over to Hot Shot to try and warn everyone about the raid. Calvin steps out and tells them he wants them out of there. Jason warns them that the DEA is on their way. Calvin puts everyone into action and tells Jason that this doesn’t change anything between them. Jason says that he thinks it should since he’s out there trying to help his family. Calvin tells him that they don’t need his help. As he’s barking orders to his people to start getting rid of stuff, Felton comes out of nowhere and blasts a shot into the air. He tells Calvin not to get rid of the V because there’s a lot of money to be made off of it. Calvin accuses him of being strung out on V. Felton proceeds to shoot Calvin in the face (IN THE FACE PEOPLE).

We then go back to Sam who’s driving to the rental to look for Tommy. He stops in front of Arlene and Terry’s place because he sees Terry sitting on his porch crying. He walks over to him to apologize and then heads over to the rental Tommy’s been using. He finds the place trashed but, doesn’t see any signs of Tommy.

We head back to the police station where the DEA agents are starting to head out to conduct the raid on Hot Shot. Andy wants to tag along but, the head DEA agent suggests that he stay behind and get him a pack of cigarettes.  We then go back to Hot Shot where crazy Felton is threatening everyone including Jason. He then tells Jason to say bye to Crystal because he’s leaving with her and the V. Crystal then tells him that she needs to leave with Felton. She asks him to take care of the people in Hot Shot. He promises her that he’ll find her and not to worry about her people and to stay safe. Felton takes off with Crystal, the V and his truck. He then turns around and introduces himself to the residents of Hot Shot.

Next we see Tara pulling into her mother’s driveway. When she walks in she finds her mother and the preacher doing stuff that they shouldn’t be doing, if you know what I mean. Tara storms out of the house and her mother tells her not to walk off. Tara asks her if the preacher’s wife and kids know that they’re seeing each other. Her mother tries to explain to her that they’re in love and that he’s leaving them for her. Her mother says that he just needs some time. Instead of getting all hysterical about it like she normally would she wishes her mother luck and takes off.

We flash back to Sam walking into Merlotte’s. He walks into his office and realizes that his safe is missing. Inside the restaurant Arlene stops by the kitchen window to pick up food for one of her tables. While she’s talking to Lafayette he has another one of his visions. He sees Rene wrapping his hands around Arlene’s neck and this time he freaks out. We look back in on Sam as he’s grabbing his gun and heading out of his office. As he’s walking out of the bar he passes Lafayette who’s on the phone with Jesus explaining all the crazy visions he’s having. He asks Jesus to come over as soon as he can.

Back we go to Fangtasia where we find out that the gorgeous Alcide was the one that Eric called earlier in the episode. Sookie thinks that he’s there for her but, finds out that he’s there to help Eric. He’s very sweet with her and they catch up while the vamps wake up. Eric and the rest of the vamps walk in and get to work. Eric grabs Russell’s chains and drags him to Alcide’s truck. Bill tells Sookie to stay with Pam. Sookie says she can take care of herself and starts to walk off. Before she does she rescinds all of the vamps invitations to her house.

We head back to the police station where Jason is hauled in by the head DEA agent for tipping off the residents of Hot Shot. Jason explains that Felton is to blame and that he took off in his truck. Andy then thanks him for messing up the case and for telling Tara about Eggs. Jason says that he knows he did the right thing.

Jesus finally makes it to Merlotte’s and gives Lafayette a huge hug. Lafayette starts talking and getting hysterical. Jesus tries to calm him down by saying that the same thing happened to him when they taught him magic. Lafayette is taken aback by what he’s saying. Jesus confesses he’s a brujo (which is the Spanish word for witch). Lafayette seems to be calmed by this knowledge which is weird cause I would’ve thought that it would’ve made him angrier. But what do I know about these things.

We head over to Sookie’s house where Tara is fiddling with some scissors. At first it appears she’s contemplating suicide but, she ends up giving herself a haircut. She then heads downstairs to greet Sookie who likes the change. They sit down to have some dinner and talk. They apologize to each other and then Tara tells Sookie she's heading off to Merlotte’s to talk to Lafayette. It almost seems like she’s saying her good bye to Sookie. She heads over to Merlotte’s but, she doesn’t get off the car. She merely looks up at the sign and the crowd inside, smiles and drives off.

We then see Alcide dropping Eric and Bill off at a construction site. He tells Eric that his father’s debt is paid off and not to bother his family again. They walk over to a pit filling up with cement and see that Russell is lying at the bottom of it. Eric explains that he wants to make sure that he can’t find peace. Godric reappears and insists that even someone like Russell deserves peace. Eric yells at him and continues with his plan to bury Russell alive. Once Russell is buried Bill reaches out to shake Eric’s hand. When Eric grabs his hand Bill handcuffs him and throws him into another pit and begins to bury him alive as well. He then makes a phone call disguised as Eric and sends someone to kill Pam. (Holy Wow….I DID NOT see that one coming).

We finally get to meet up with Jessica who has been blindfolded by Hoyt for a surprise he’s planning. He walks her into a house and takes off her blindfold. She looks around and gets all kinds of excited. She asks him if they can paint it and he says yes. He also says that the first thing he wants to do is build her a tricked out hidey hole. She turns to him shocked and asks him if he wants them to live together? He then replies that he wants to marry her. (Awww….I love these two!) The only creepy thing is that there’s a doll thrown on the floor in one of the bedrooms. Does anyone else have a sense of foreboding? We go from there to a scene of Hoyt’s mother inside what looks to be a hunting supply store. She picks up a rifle, checks it out and then heads over to the cashier to pay for it. I’m telling you right now. If she so much as touches a hair on Jessica’s head I’m going to be seriously ticked off.

We head back to Sookie’s house where Sookie receives a visit from Bill. She invites him in and he tells her that both Russell and Eric are gone. He explains his reasons for doing it and promises to get rid of everyone who knows what she is. He tells her that he has never loved or will ever love anyone the way that he loves her. He heads for the door and when he opens it they find Eric walking up the front steps. Eric proceeds to drop the truth on Sookie. The first being that Bill was sent to procure Sookie for the Queen and the second being that he let the Rattrays beat her to within an inch of her life so that he could feed her his blood. Needless to say Sookie is extremely angry and hurt. She throws him out of her house and then proceeds to tell off Eric while she’s at it.

Eric heads back to Fangtasia where Pam asks if he killed Bill. He says he left him with a far greater punishment. She then informs him that she killed the assassin that was sent to kill her.

Sam finally catches up with Tommy. Tommy tries to run from him but, stops when Sam fires his gun in the air. Tommy tries to pull the whole bleeding heart routine on him and Sam is not buying it. He tells him that he wants his money back. Tommy doesn’t take him seriously and starts to walk away with the money. The scene ends with Sam pointing his gun and firing off a shot. Does he or doesn’t he?

Bill invites the Queen over to his house. The Queen thinks that he has brought her Sookie. Unfortunately, for her the real reason that Bill has invited her over is to challenge her. And then what I can only describe as the True Blood version of the Matrix goes down. Both vamps lift into the air and charge each other. Seriously HBO?! You couldn’t come up with something more creative?

Sookie runs out of her house and heads to her grandmother’s grave. The poor thing is crying her eyes out when Claudine appears out of thin air. She reaches out for Sookie and asks her to come with her. As fairies start pouring out of the cemetery, Sookie starts to walk toward Claudine. When she reaches her, everyone, including Sookie and Claudine, vanish. No, I’m not making this up. They seriously disappear into thin air. Yeah, I don’t get it either.


Sookie using her power
Sure she had to get really mad to use it but, at least she put it to good use and zapped Russell.

Sookie and Alcide’s little flirt session

Sookie finally getting rid of Bill
No good dirty rat!


The overall lackluster episode
It was just okay for me. 

All the unanswered questions
Definitely not feeling it.

Favorite One Liners

Russell:  All I wanted was a couple of goats for my wolves.
Eric:      You slaughtered my entire family for a couple of goats?!

‘Can you shut the f*ck up and die please.’
-Russell to Eric

'You watch your f*ckin’ language.’
-Sookie to Russell

‘Eric do the world a favor and let that little f*ck fry.’
-Pam to Eric

‘Eric who the f*ck are you right now? He killed your family. Rip off his f8cking head.’
-Pam to Eric

‘Don’t even think about it b*tch.’
-Sookie to Russell

‘I’m not babysitting this psycho while you guys go take a nap!'
-Sookie to Eric

Andy: You just rationalized away all need for law enforcement.
Jason: I don’t know what that means exactly but, you gotta stop those government people out there.

‘Everybody knows you got a bottle of Malibu rum in your desk so shut up.’
-Hoyt to Guidance Counselor

‘Stepping around the fact that your word’s worth about as much as t*ts on a turtle?’
-Sookie to Russell

'You are as mad as a f*cking hatter.’
-Bill to Russell

For your viewing pleasure

On a final note, I want to take a second to thank everyone for checking in every week to read the recaps and for posting their thoughts and opinions. I’ve had a great time putting together these posts and interacting with you guys. I still can’t believe we have to wait 9 whole months for Season 4! *shakes fist at HBO* A big thank you to Anna as well for giving me the opportunity to take over the blog once a week.

How did you guys feel about the finale? I don’t know about you but I have a ton of questions that need answering like how is Jason going to help Hot Shot, did Sam really hurt Tommy, is Arlene’s baby really evil and where in the hell did Sookie go? What are some of the questions you want answered? Inquiring minds want to know…


Jo-Anne Kenrick said...

WOW what a great, in depth break down of the season finale. I have to say, I'm with ya. The ending was somewhat...blah.
Darn tooten it's great Sookie has finally ditched Bill and has seemingly moved onto Alcide (helllo)
But the one thing that sticks in my mind is the creepy doll. That screams hammer house of horror. I thought I was going to have to hide behind a cushion or something. Yikes.
And I nearly did, Hoyt's mothers gives me the heebie jeebies. Thank goodness I don't have a mother like that...although she does resemble my mother-in-law.

now we have to wait til next summer to find out what happens to Hoyt and Jessica. And about what's going on with Lafayette (wondering if maybe there is a link to Eric's sightings there -- like maybe the veil being thing between the fae world and our world?)
And Tara? Yeay! Glad she's having a break. Her whining was annoying me.

Jen D. said...

Thanks for stopping by Jo-Anne and thanks for the compliment. I aim to please. ;-)

I'm all about out with the old and in with the Alcide...lol. And I agree, the doll is definitely house of horrorish.

You bring up a good point about Lafayette. Or maybe Jesus put some funky juju on him. Yeah, Tara was getting on my last nerve too.

Vickie said...

The doll freaked me out...dolls have that tendency, certain dolls anyway...that one on the floor did it for me. *shudder*
Loved the cement scene..especially seeing Eric at Sookie's door covered in cement crumbs. And had to grin at Pam's comment on hoping Eric had killed Bill since it was basically a pain in the ass to get that cement out of her hair.
I kept waiting to hear the banjos play when the peeps started meandering out into the light in Hot Shot. Dadgum on the Calvin shooting.

Felt kind of weird with this season ender....glad it left some cliffhangers for next season and that Alan Ball came on and said thanks and that they are already working on season 4.
And what dimension did Sookie blink into? Will we finally get to meet Claude? And Quinn?

Jen, you did a fab job of the recaps, especially the quotes, I think that was my favorite part.

Anonymous said...

I am posting this for my sister Anna Dougherty. She says she hopes you stay at BITE CLUB forever and ever and ever.
Her computer is slower than dial up and has no HBO. Man that has to suck.
But keep up the awesome recaps. I love them.

Jen D. said...

Hi Vickie! I definitely liked the scene where Pam is talking about getting the cement out of her hair. And Eric covered in cement was hysterical. I was waiting for the banjo playing too. I think they captured Hot Shot to a T.

I liked that Alan gave the fans a shout out and thanks. It was classy of him. I'm with you on Quinn and Claude.

Thanks for the compliment Vickie. The quotes were my favorite part of the recaps too!

Hi Anna's sister! LOL...I'll stay for as long as she'll have me. Slower than dial up?! That's horrible. Poor thing. Glad you enjoyed them!