Friday, September 3, 2010

Vampire Diaries....... One week to go!

We are about a week away from the season 2 premier of The Vampire Diaries on September 9th!! This past week on August 31st the season 1 DVD set came out in both DVD and in Blu-Ray disks.

In preparation for the season premier I thought I take a minute to review the differences between the books and the TV series. I would suggest thinking of these tow formats and entirely different entertainment venues.

The books and the TV series are similar in some things and a LOT different in others. I think they should be enjoyed separately and not really compared chapter by chapter or scene by scene.

Make sure you check out the new pics from season 2 after my discussion of the differences!

***Spoiler ALERT for both the books AND the TV series...***

Location -- In the books the location is Fell’s Church Virgina. The TV Series takes place in Mystic Falls Virginia.

Elena -- The character of Elena holds the most differences… Her appearance on the show is portrayed as dark hair and dark eyes where in the books she is a blonde hair and blue eyed girl. Her personality is also very different in the books. Book Elena could almost be seen as mercenary. She goes after what she wants and she fights for it. TV Elena seems more timid and normal instead of a strong female that is not afraid to die to get what she wants. Elena from the book has a baby sister named Maragret instead of a teenage brother named Jeremy.

Stefan -- Stefan from the books and Stefan from the series are very similar in appearance since both have green eyes. He refuses to feed from humans, making himself weak and susceptible to Damon. He is very protective of Elena.
In the books Stefan lives at the boarding house with Mrs. Flowers who owns the boarding house. In the series his family owns the boarding house.

Damon -- Damon from the books and Damon from the series are very similar. His hair is black, his eyes are dark, and he is very brooding. He poses a threat to his brother Stefan but never seems to make good on his promises to kill Stefan. In both mediums Damon shows a loyalty and softness toward Elena.

Bonnie -- In the books she is Caucasian with red hair. She is also very na├»ve and isn’t comfortable with her powers and her family is descended from druids. Very loyal and supportive of Elena. In the TV series the actress is African American with brown hair. She s very worldly and embraces her powers she also descends from the Salem witches. Bonnie isn’t as loyal to Elena as she is in the books.

Caroline -- In the books Caroline hates Elena and is very jealous and hateful to Elena. She ends up pregnant by Tyler (who is a werewolf... can we say werewolf puppies anyone?) In the TV series she is close friends with Bonnie and isn't as hateful to Elena. Caroline ends up dating Matt.

Tyler -- In the books Tyler is an evil character that kills Sue (a classmate) and gets Caroline pregnant. In the TV series Tyler is a friend to Matt and is mostly nice guy...(so far)

Vicki -- In the books Vicki wasn’t a main character. In the TV series she is Matt's sister and is attacked by Damon and turned into a vampire and Stefan has to kill her. She had relationships with both Tyler and Jeremy.

Meredith -- In the books Meredith is best friends to Bonnie and Elena and is a very strong character. She dates Alaric. In the TV series Meredith doesn’t exist.

Alaric -- In the books Alaric is a vampire hunter/specialist and he dates Meredith. In the TV series Alaric is just a history teacher who is interested in vampires because his wife was turned into one. He dates Elena’s Aunt Jenna.

Supernatural abilities --

In the books Bonnie had visions and possessions. In the TV series she can levitate feathers and control the wind. Her other powers have yet to be shown.

In the books Damon can shape shift into fog/mist or or a crow. It was also hinted at that he could fly. In the TV series Damon's shape shifting was touched on in the first couple of episodes when it was hinted that he could turn into a crow and fog/mist.


Damon and Stefan

Stefan and Elena



Jen D. said...

Another great post Betty. I'm hyped for the show to start. Now I just need to find a way to watch Season 1 before Season 2 starts. Hmmm....

Michele Hauf said...

Nice post, Betty! Great comparison between the books and TV series.