Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dracula Event: Jennifer Rardin

"No man knows till he experiences it, what it is like to feel his own life-blood drawn away into the woman he loves." — [from Chapter 10, Dracula]  Jennifer Rardin's favorite quote from the book.

As you may have heard, Jennifer Rardin passed away on September 20th. Here at Bite Club we are sending our thoughts and prayers to her friends and family in this time of sadness and loss. She will be greatly missed. The latest Jaz Parks vampire novel is called Bitten in Two and it will be released on November 8th.

Rardin gifted us with an exciting world featuring Jaz and Vayl.  If you like spunky, action-adventure mixed with danger, thrills, and a sexy vampire, Bite Club highly recommends the entire series.


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