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Kill or be Killed ~ The Vampire Diaries

~~~Spoiler Alert~~~

Flashback time! It’s 2009 where we find out how Mason activated the curse in his bloodline. A drunk friend picked a fight with Mason at a bar over some alleged allegation that Mason was “messing around with Marla.” In the process of fighting, Mason accidentally killed him. When talking to Tyler, Mason tells him “All it takes is an accident." Tyler promised to hand over the moonstone, although Mason won’t reveal why he wants it and Tyler still pretends that he doesn't have it.

Elena and Jeremy talk about the Lockwoods and Elena tells him to stay out of it he could get hurt.

Stefan and Elena are pretending to fight. To ensure that through the fake arguing they'll know what's real and what's not, they devised a code. When Stefan says, "I can’t do this anymore" means "I love you," and Elena saying "Fine Stefan, whatever" means "I love you, too." (I find this too cute)

Jeremy sees Tyler at the grill and asks him if he’s okay and Tyler is rude to Jeremy. He walks away but Tyler calls him back and apologizes saying he feels like a freak show. Jeremy says he can understand the feeling and they grow a little closer. Amy and Sarah approach Tyler and Amy says she’s sorry about the other night she’s not normally a tease. Tyler invites them back to his house to party and invites Jeremy. He agrees to go.

At the Historical Society Volunteer Day gathering, Stefan tries to make peace with Mason, and although they shake hands, it's evident that Mason's still out for Damon's blood.

Mason tries to get in with the sheriff but she denies knowing anything about a "secret council." Mason tells her there are two vampires in town “living right under her nose”. She is very skeptical and Mason offers to prove it.

Back at Tyler’s the girls want to see Jeremy’s sketches and he agrees to show them. Tyler sees Jeremy’s sketches of the wolves and werewolves and tells Jeremy that there are some drawings in the study on the desk. He gets Jeremy alone and slams him into the wall and demands Jeremy tell him why he’s drawing wolves. Jeremy tells Tyler that he knows about the curse because he read about it in his ancestor’s diary. Tyler tells Jeremy how to unleash the curse in his family’s bloodline and shows Jeremy the moonstone that Mason wants. Tyler reveals to Jeremy that he doesn’t trust Mason. The girls bust into the study and take the moonstone from Tyler… they run away ‘flirting’ with the boys. Tyler corners Amy on the stairs and accidentally knocks her down the stairs. Jeremy and Tyler stare at each other for a long drawn out moment and then Amy opens her eyes telling them it was a joke.

Caroline continues to listen to Stefan and Elena's fighting charade and after watching Elena storm off from confrontation with Stefan she follows Elena. But Damon isn’t buying it. He tells Stefan that he sees right through it. While talking to Stefan, Damon takes a drink of lemonade and immediately spits it out as Stefan helps him sit down he mutters “Vervain!” It seems that Mason has spiked it. Stefan agrees with Damon that Mason has to die. Sheriff Liz sees the whole thing and calls for backup to capture the Salvatores. As the sheriff is leaving, Caroline confronts her mother and “makes her feel like Worst Mom of the Year” for leaving the gathering.

Caroline is curious about her mom’s distress so Caroline takes Elena to a higher location and starts eavesdropping on her surroundings.

Stefan and Damon confront Mason in the woods, but just as they’re about to kill him, the brothers are shot with wooden bullets. Liz and a few fellow officers inject them with vervain and carry them into the old slave quarters that Mason directs them to.

Caroline hears it all and she and Elena head toward the slave quarters. They encounter Mason and he asks Caroline if her mother knows what she is. He grabs Elena around the neck and tells Caroline that she’s not fast or strong enough to kill him. She proves that is stronger, she leaves him writhing in pain on the forest floor after completely kicking his ass.

She takes Elena to find Stefan and Damon. Caroline tells Elena that she can’t help because her mom will know what she is. Liz is torturing the brothers and just as she starts to stake them, Elena storms in telling them they can’t do it. The Sheriff has Elena restrained but Caroline reveals herself storming in and killing the other cops and tells her mom she can’t let her kill them.

Once they come to, Damon has to feed on one of the dead cops, but Stefan refuses. Caroline begs her mom to keep the secret, but Liz is horrified and scared. When Liz finally speaks, she says that she’d rather be dead than have a daughter that’s a vampire. Damon gets really close to the sheriff and everyone thinks that that she’s going to kill her. But he says that he won’t kill her because she’s his friend.
Instead, he decides to keep her in the basement until the vervain leaves her system and compel her to forget everything. While trying to make Liz comfortable in the basement of the Salvatore house Liz says that Caroline isn’t her daughter anymore and Caroline overhears her?

Back at the Lockwood house, Tyler tells Mason what happened earlier and that for just a moment he wanted her to be dead, but she wasn’t. Tyler tells Mason that he doesn’t ever want to feel that way again, he just can’t. He gives Mason the moonstone and walks away.

Elena walks in on Stefan contemplating drinking donor blood so that he can be stronger and properly protect Elena. He thinks that if he drinks a little daily, as Katherine did with the vervain, he can become immune to its negative effects but still reap the benefits. They fight about it, and Elena asks him if this is a real fight or pretend and he tells hers it’s for real. Elena storms out and goes to comfort Caroline who says she can’t go home because Katherine will be there waiting on her to report what happened. Elena tells her that she already knew and that she’s been very angry with her, but she understands that Katherine scared her.

Caroline falls asleep on the couch and Elena thanks Damon for showing Liz mercy. She tells Damon "That’s the Damon who was my friend.” Damon tells her that Stefan didn't drink the blood, but he needs to. Finally understanding Elena goes to Stefan and tells him that she understands and cuts her hand and offers it to him. He drinks what she offers and then kisses her passionately.

We see a car parked in the dark woods and we see Mason get into the passenger seat
of the waiting car. Katherine is waiting on Mason and a flashback shows what happened last year that triggered the curse in Mason. Katherine set off the chain of events last year that caused Mason to kill his friend, she compelled Jimmy to attack Mason and believe that Marla had ‘messed around’ with Mason. Mason hands her the moonstone and they kiss passionately.

Honestly--my all time favorite episode with Caroline. She steps up to the plate and saves Damon and Stefan. The way she kicks Mason's butt in the woods was spectacular.

I like that Jeremy and Tyler getting closer, but I foresee an issue broiling between the two that will somehow wreck havoc with their friendship.

All in all I think it was a great episode and gave us a look at the person Caroline can be if the writers see fit to let her live......

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Why does katherine need moonstone? what does Rose explain elena about the moonstone in 8th episode?