Sunday, October 24, 2010

Review: Demon's Fall by Karalynn Lee

Demon's Fall is published by Carina Press and is an electronic novella available October 25th.  Gorgeous cover, isn't it?

Here is the back cover blurb:

She was an angel at the gates of Hell.
When Kenan, an incubus, finds a caged angel for sale in the Hellsgate marketplace, he sees her as a challenge. Certain that his skills in seduction will work as well on a heavenly creature as they do on mortal women, he buys Jahel, intent on having her soul as a novelty in his collection.
Knowing he must gain Jahel's trust if she is to come to his bed willingly, Kenan treats her more as his guest than as his slave. When she reveals what brought her to the mouth of Hell in the first place—retrieving the soul of a young girl she was guarding—he even offers to help her complete her mission.
Though he has promised Jahel freedom, Kenan soon realizes she has captured his heart instead. And as their passion for one another grows, they find themselves caught in a struggle between Heaven and Hell, one that will lead them to the very edge of the apocalypse...

Sound intriguing?  It was, very!  I really enjoyed the complex and unique world the author created in this short story.  It is populated with angels, demons, hellhounds, horsemen of the Apocalypse, and a very interesting a mirrordemon.  It takes place in HellsGate, and the hero, an incubus demon who likes to collect souls in coins, finds the caged angel Jahel an intriguing addition to his collection.  But he quickly warms to her and agrees to help her find a missing soul (before he intends to then take her soul).  They go against all manner of demon and angel, and must tread carefully for a war between the two factions is underway.  Each new character introduced is fascinating, and I found myself clicking the pages quickly as the pace of the story was tight and filled with tension.  I loved the smart, sexy demon Lilith, known as the First, and hope to see more of her in future stories.  The romance is fast and furious, but the action exceeds the intimate moments, and I liked that.  It all balanced nicely for a quick, fast-paced story that I highly recommend if you enjoy stepping into new paranormal worlds.
— Michele for Bite Club


Carrie said...

The cover alone makes me want to grab a glass of wine and read the whole thing

Anna (Bite Club) said...

Covers are so important and this one really hits the mark! I have come back to look at this cover several times now and I am just going to have to get me a copy of the book. The blurb was good, the review was good, but its the cover that really captures my attention. Funny how that works:)