Saturday, October 30, 2010

~ The Vampire Diaries ~ Masquerade ~

****Warning Spoilers included if you haven't watched the episode****

The episode jumps right in with Stefan, Damon, Bonnie, Jeremy, Alaric, and Caroline teaming up against Katherine and planning to kill her at the masquerade ball. Jenna returns home from the hospital and says she feels stupid for running into a knife. Alaric agrees to keep an eye on Elena while Stefan is at the ball.

At the Bed and Breakfast Katherine is visited by a witch named Lucy who sneaks up behind her and scares her. They laugh and then talk about getting the moonstone from Stefan and Damon.

At the party Stefan and Damon talk about the plan to kill Katherine. “I hesitated to kill her once, I won’t do it again.” Stefan assures Damon.

Predictably at the ball, Katherine pretends to be Elena and reinforces the compulsion that Matt attacks Tyler and makes Tyler kill him. She also chats with Lucy very quietly in a corner.

Later Katherine finds Stefan and makes him dance with her. She tells Stefan that she will kill everyone in the town until it rains blood if she doesn’t get the moonstone. She grabs one of the dancers and first paralyzes her and then snaps her neck, leaving Stefan to deal with the body.

As Bonnie is mingling at the party, she intuitively realizes that there is another witch at the party. She taps a woman on the arm and asks her if she knows her. The woman says, “I don’t think so” and turns away.

Jeremy and Bonnie continue on their way to set up the room in which they are going to trap Katherine.
Meanwhile, Elena realizes something is going on, but Alaric tries to throw her off the trail. She sneaks out and heads to the party.

Matt, Tyler, and Sara are drinking and partying in Tyler’s father’s office when Matt (under Katherine's compulsion) begins taunting Tyler about his father and attacks him. Caroline hears them and breaks up the fight, knocking Matt unconscious. But Caroline didn’t know that Sara is also being compelled by Katherine, and says “If he fails I must succeed” and she stabs Tyler with a knife. He instinctively slams her into a desk, killing her. He turns to look at Caroline and his eyes have turned yellow like Mason’s.

Meanwhile, Caroline is confronted by Katherine on her way to the lady’s room. Katherine picks Caroline up by her throat and asks what are Stefan and Damon planning. Caroline lets it slip that they are trying to kill her Katherine asks where they are and Caroline tells her that Stefan and Damon are upstairs. Katherine drags Caroline upstairs with her to confront Stefan and Damon.

Crying, Caroline is dropped by Katherine in the room that Bonnie has cast a spell on. Caroline steps out the door and starts to laugh. Katherine turns around and Caroline smiles and says “I did it! I didn’t think I could do it, but I did!” Katherine lunges for Caroline but realizes that she can’t leave the room. Caroline happily dances off down the stairs.
Elena turns up at the party and surprises Jeremy and Bonnie near a wooded area and asks them what’s going on and what are they planning. Jeremy and Bonnie tell her what's going on.

Katherine is taunting Stefan and Damon about the “Brother that loved her too much (Damon) and the brother who didn’t love her enough (Stefan.)” She also asks Stefan how does it feel knowing his brother is in love with the same girl he is… again. They both attack her and stake her several times.

Outside blood blossoms on Elena’s shirt and Bonnie realizes that everything Damon and Stefan are doing to Katherine is hurting Elena. They are magically linked. Stefan and Damon stop stabbing Katherine when Jeremy comes running and tells them that every time they stake her, Elena is severely wounded too. Katherine laughs and reveals that she had Lucy put a spell on her and Elena, linking them together.

Bonnie confronts Lucy and demands that she lift the spell from Katherine and Elena spell. Lucy wants the moonstone and can feel that Bonnie has it. Bonnie and Lucy link hands and Bonnie can tell their related or connected somehow. Lucy says “you can feel that you can trust me”. Bonnie drops the moonstone in Lucy’s hand.

Lucy goes upstairs and makes Katherine swear that her debt is paid in full and she’s free to leave. Katherine agrees that the debt is paid and Lucy drops the moonstone in Katherine’s hand. It’s spelled that incapacitates Katherine, who collapses on the floor.

Outside Bonnie runs after Lucy and tells her that she wants nothing to do with vampires and doesn’t want to be in the middle. Lucy tells her that Bonnie is one of the good ones and she needs to be in the middle of it all. Lucy reveals that she is Bonnie's cousin and promises that she’ll see her again.

Jeremy offers to give Bonnie a ride home and she asks him “When did you get old enough to drive.” He smiles charmingly at her and tells her that “I’m not a kid anymore” You can feel the sparks flying between them.

Elena recovers from her wounds but tells Stefan that nothing has changed and that she wants to feel safe and that her family is safe. He says he understands and watches her walk away.

Damon traps Katherine in the underground tomb. He tells her this is where she should have been all along. Before he seals the tomb, she begs him not to leave her saying that Elena is a doppelganger and in danger and needs to be protected. He says he will protect her and walks away.

Back at the Lockwood estate, Elena heads home but a masked stranger, who grabs her and covers her mouth while she screams, intercepts her…

Wow that was an action packed episode...

Some burning questions in my mind are...........

Do we really think Katherine is going to stay locked in that tomb?

Will she get out by herself or will Damon and Stefan need her to save Elena?

Do we see a relationship building between Jeremy and Bonnie?

How do you think Tyler is going to handle his new-found curse?

Check out the preview for next week!!!


Mirko di Wallenberg said...
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Mirko di Wallenberg said...
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Mirko di Wallenberg said...

Questions upon questions upon questions... As told last week this show is growing stronger and stronger with each weekly chapter. Although not as powerfull as "Plan B" this episode has its moments like Tyler finally becoming cursed by killing his friend in an accident or Katherine being locked up in her prison. What was also great in the episode was the fact that each character had some interesting part to play in the whole story and not being bystanders with idle empty talk to feel air time. Kevin Williamson is a really good plotter and craftsman who knows what he is doing and where he is taking the show, that is clear from the story as told so far, not writing it weekly not knowing where to lead the characters in the next few weeks! So the questions remain: no, Katherine is a to much interesting character to be this simply waisted and she will return with a vengence having herself set free from her jail; I like Jeremy a lot and do not find him together with Bonnie attractive or appealing, to me their is sexual chemistery and finally Tyler will have a hard time ahead of him. (Sorry I did something wrong while posting this comment!)