Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Vampire Diaries ~ Plan B

***Spoiler Alert***

We open the episode with Elena and Stefan waking up together in her bed and frolic around together. While across town in Ms. Flower’s B&B, Katherine and Mason are also frolicking around in bed. She asks him if he has found the moonstone and he says he has. Katherine asks him “Don’t you trust me?’ and he replies, “I only trust myself.”

Jeremy shows up on Damon’s doorstep and wants to help get rid of Katherine. He tells Damon about the moonstone that Mason is after and that it has something to do with the werewolf curse. Damon allows Jeremy into the house.

Across town at the Lockwood estate, volunteers are preparing for the masquerade ball. Bonnie gets a shock when she accidentally touches Mason and sees a vision of Mason kissing who she thinks is Elena. Stefan asks her if she’s okay and she tells him what she saw. He realizes that Katherine is the one that has been behind Mason’s drive to kill him and Stefan. Damon and Stefan ask Bonnie to help them kidnap Mason.

Caroline tries to bond with Sheriff Liz when she asks Caroline if she’s really dead. Caroline later compels her to forget what she has learned about the vampires. Upstairs, Damon tortures Mason while Jeremy watches. Jeremy wants to know if all this is really necessary and Damon slams him to the couch and says “It’s kill or be killed” and Jeremy mans up.

Mason finally admits that he knows Katherine and that he loves her. Damon scoffs at Mason and tells him that Katherine will rip his heart out… Damon later rips his heart out after Mason says that Katherine loves him.

Caroline and Bonnie bond while they search for the moonstone by the well at the old Lockwood place. Stefan gets to the well first and Elena followed him into the woods. He jumps down into the well only to find the water is filled with vervain and he passes out. Caroline rushes to Elena’s aid when she hears Elena screaming Stefan’s name. She helps Elena drag Stefan out of the well and then lowers Elena into the well to find the moonstone. Not only is the well filled with vervain but snakes… thankfully Elena is not bitten and Caroline lifts her out with the moonstone.

Stefan arrives back at the house in time to see Damon wrapping up Mason’s body. He says “I see you used your usual restraint.” Damon sends a text to Tyler’s mother saying that Mason had to go back to Florida and won’t be coming back. Damon also redials the last number that Mason called and Katherine answers. “Mason” she says. Damon tells her that Mason must have not trusted her because the moonstone was in a well filled with vervain.. Now Mason and his heart are in two different locations. Katherine looks actually startled but then she says “Typical Damon, thinking I only had a plan B, but I have a plan C, plan D,… well you know the alphabet.” Damon’s eyes gets wide as Katherine hangs up.

Katherine places a call to Jenna while Alaric and Elena are chatting. Jenna brings the phone to Elena and Katherine tells her that Jenna has made a perfect spy and that it would be a shame if something… Elena looks over at Jenna in time to see her lift a kitchen knife and stab herself in the stomach. They rush her to the hospital and thankfully she hasn’t hit any vital parts. Jeremy promises that Katherine will pay for what’s she’s done.

Elena goes to Stefan’s house and tells him that Jenna is still in critical condition and that she can’t endanger her family anymore and that Katherine has won. Stefan cries as they hug one last time and Elena heads toward the door. Damon catches her and his remorse shows on his face… “I’m sorry, I riled Katherine up, I wasn’t thinking…” Elena repeats “She’s won, Katherine won.”

Back at the B&B Katherine says ‘I’m sorry if I’m a little rattled, I had a werewolf and now I’ve lost one. What are you going to do.” Matt replies “I’m going to go after Tyler.” Katherine asks “and…?” Matt replies “And I’m not going to stop until he kills me.”

So were you expecting Damon to kill Mason in this episode?

Do you think Matt will survive Katherine's plan...?


Leilani @Leilani Loves Books said...

<3 Damon!!!

Great episode!

Mirko di Wallenberg said...

When I saw this episode last week, I was stunned and happy to see in what direction the series is evolving. It was one of the best episodes of a show that I have seen this year. Very well crafted, written and plotted. Whaw! I hope that they can keep up this momentum and it shows like it does! Future will tell. I was shocked that Elena did kill Mason because the actor was very hot and I hoped to see more of him in future episodes even becoming a cast member because he had the potential to become a serious adversary for Damon and Stefan. Well maybe that role is given to nephew Tyler. What also strucks me is that some second role characters like Caroline and Matt are coming more and more in the picture and are getting better and better stuff to play and act on, not just background material. So I think that the producers are broading the scope with a lot of seasons in mind and not just the three main characters of the first season. The end shocker was of course the stabbing of Jenna. The episode should have ended after that scene and picked up the next episode but the real ending was also great when Matt fell under the spell of Elena. I hope that they keep Matt in the series because I like him very much! But Kevin Williamson once said that in this series nothing is taken for granted and killing off characters for the story is always a possibility! So, let the fun continue! BTW I am wondering when the first gay vampire will show up on the series! Kevin Williamson had always one gay storyline in his shows he produced, maybe Jeremy or Tyler???

Betty Turner said...

@Leilani I loved this episode too and I am firmly cemented on the team Damon side...

@Mirko I was shocked as well when Jenna stabbed herself. They never even hinted that Katherine had gotten to Jenna, an amazing surprise there

I too mourned the loss of another very attractive character... I think Mason would have certainly kept Damon busy.

It's hard to say whether or not Kevin and Julie will let Matt live or not. This season has been packed with shockers so far.

That would be a nice plot twist to have a gay vampire show up on the scene. I would love to see how they would work that story line in.

I do try to keep up on the news and interviews, if I hear anything about Matt I'll be sure to stick it at the end of a recap! :)