Thursday, November 11, 2010

Book Club news and Lestat

It would seem that even with my stellar organizational skills and despite my endless planning via notebooks, sticky notes and synced calendars, I failed to properly announce our next book club selection. If you happened to miss the sidebar display, our next book for discussion is Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire, one of my all time favorite books,  and we will be talking about it on December 6th.

Throughout the month I will be posting little tidbits about the book and movie, starting with:

Who makes the better Lestat?

Awhile back, last month I think, the fantabulous Marta Acosta, author of the witty and charming Casa Dracula series, held a poll for The Ultimate Hawt Vampire over at her Vampire Wire blog...we all saw who the winner was so I won't mention that Henry Fitzroy fans are diabolical and supremely organized. During the result phase of his contest Marta mentioned something about the two actors that have played Lestat, Tom Cruise in Interview with the Vampire, and Stuart Townsend in Queen of the Damned. 
This got me to thinking, dangerous, I know. Both lent something unique to the role but I definitely think Stuart captured the sensuality and devil may care attitude, not to mention that he made a great rockstar. He's a great actor and I enjoy most anything he does. I didn't hate Tom Cruise, although I remember being opposed to he idea before I saw the film, and at times he really was Lestat, selfish and charming all at once.

So my question to you: Who played the better Lestat?


Michele Hauf said...

I remember the brou-ha-ha Anne Rice raised about Tom Cruise playing Lestat. I think she influenced us all before we even saw the movie. So I was delightfully surprised that Cruise nailed the role of Lestat. He got the spoiled brat prince vampire right.

I don't remember much about Townsend, probably because I didn't care for that book or movie as much. He certainly does have the sensuality, though.

I may have to rewatch both some time soon!

pamela @vampiresmitten said...

"He got the spoiled brat prince vampire right"


I really didn't care for Townsend

CrazyStar180 said...

Tom Cruse was the better Lestat... He had his additude right on... I didnt really care for the movie Queen of the Damned...

Anna (Bite Club) said...

Since I arranged for this post I've had time to watch both movies and IWTV is by far the better film. In fact, I watch it all the time as a sort of comfort movie. QOTD only gets watched when I want to see the sexy Stuart because the movie wasn't that good and had a very different feel to it.

So this makes me a shallow and fickle because Cruise played the role better but I think Stuart looks better. I'm terrible:)

LSUReader said...

Cruise was better. I thought Townsend was too lightweight for the role.

Jen D. said...

Unfortunately, Cruise is the better actor in this role. I'm not a fan but, I can give credit where credit is due.

Marta said...

Hi, Anna, thanks for mentioning my poll! I think IWTV was a much better film, but I've never been a Tom Cruise fan and that blond wig certainly didn't do him any good. I think Stuart Townsend looked better as a vamp.

QOTD is so cheezy it's hard to tell if Townsend is a good actor or not, and I haven't seen him in other roles except the badly conceived Nightstalker remake, where they took out the humor and made him use an American accent.