Monday, November 22, 2010

Change of plans and Walking Dead Episode 4

*First things first: I mixed up my calendar dates (smacks head in disgust) so my review for Dying Light, that according to the computer date book was supposed to be up today, will instead go up tomorrow. I apologize to everyone, especially Scott, for the delay.

*In absence of my review I have decided to go ahead and post the Walking Dead recap a day earlier than normal, but I promise that everything goes back to normal next week, or as close to normal as I ever get. So take a gander at the highlight video for episode 4, courtesy of AMC,  and let the discussion begin!

*contains spoilers*

Okay, so I have a few very important questions: Where did all those damn zombies come from?  Is part of the zombie virus that you will suddenly get mad ninja skills? And how did they manage to get past the elaborate and  highly advanced tin can system?

Don't get me wrong, I am completely hooked on this show. These lingering questions won't, in any way, prevent me from watching each and every week, but I would like to see a small bit of reality creep in. These folks need to get organized!!! 

The list should go like this: 

1. Weapons and tools
2. Tactical gear- military tanks are abandoned all over and they should be raiding that stuff as they find it.
3. Food- they also need some way to sustain a food source, like they have with the quarry.
4. Cars- hotwire some heavy duty trucks or something because the POS method will not work in the long term.

Once they have settled on a place to make camp a slid plan for defense should be worked out, like with barbed wire and 24/7 guard watching the perimeter. 

And yes, I realize that this is just a show and the zombie apocalypse is not right around the corner...but it does get frustrating to watch them make these mistakes over and over.

And now to the most shocking aspect from last nights episode...Amy. Didn't see that one coming! 

It's your turn. What "list" would you make to get the camp running more smoothly? Were you completely surprised by how the episode turned out? And what about the gang from the city? What do you think might happen to them?


Jen D. said...

Had to scroll down really fast because I didn't get a chance to watch the show last night. I'm all over it tonight and will chime in tomorrow. =)

Melissa Walker ~ Edge of Forever said...

Hi Anna! Sorry I'm late for my weekly Walking Dead pondering. Blame it on my husband. He's home this week and is v. distracting. :-)

My List:

1. More crossbows/arrows/sharp pointy projectiles. I think Daryl and his crossbow may be hotter than Sheriff Rick!
2. Fortress. These people need to find a bunker, pronto!
3. Tanks! My son said he would rig up a tank and use it as his mobile base until he could find some place safe. 18 wheelers would work too. Of course there is the gasoline problem. May not work.
4. Water base. Can zombies swim? I think not.

As I said in the review on my own blog, the biting on Amy creeped me out to levels I didn't think possible. That was Bad, with a capital B!

Anna (Bite Club) said...

Rick is definitely the wise voice of reason but I have to say that Daryl and all his redneck glory is growing on me. He gets things done and he hunts like a pro (not sure I want to try roast squirrel anytime soon but in that situation beggars can't be choosers).

Love the tank idea and we were sort of thinking the same thing, like maybe get some military grade Hummers for scrounging around and a tank (or twenty) for individual bunkers. The tents only work so well. Gas might be a problem but once you find a permanent location you should be able to conserve or do without. I'd definitely try to save a few horses somehow. Then they need a defensible building with an escape hatch/route or go with your idea of a water base.