Monday, November 15, 2010

Guest post with Ray Rhamey and Patch the vampire Kitty

*This is not our usual guest post written by an author, telling us all about their most recent book. No. Today we have the unique experience of visiting with Patch, the vampire kitty-cat featured in the book by Ray Rhamey, and he is here to tell us the truth about the vampire world. So please help me welcome...Patch!

Guest post: The Bite Club.
By Patch the vampire kitty-cat, as told to Ray Rhamey

Greetings from Hollywood, where my associate Meg and I moved after the troubles
we had in Bloomsburg—you know, the story I told in The Vampire Kitty-cat

I’m here to set things straight about what the vampire world is really like. It’s not at
all like the myths—super powers, changing into bats, all that stuff. No, being undead
is just like being alive without the breathing and the heart beating. Or the eating,
too, other than blood. It’s true that sunlight (and certain other lights) are a problem,
and you definitely don’t want a stake through your heart if you’re a vampire.

Actually, it can be a pretty depressing existence, even if you’re hooked up with the
American Vampire Association. You'd think that human vampires would tell the
truth, but I think they'd rather believe they're living the legend.

I’m a cat, though, which means I’m a reality-based creature. For example, a cat
would never write fiction. But people? It seems to me that they mostly don’t like
facts interfering with their reality.

Thank goodness I was able to hook up with my typist, Ray Rhamey, and get the
facts out there. The true truth about vampires and what we go through is in my
story. And there’s more coming—I’m pretty busy these days getting Ray to write
down what happened to Meg and me in Hollywood. I’m calling it The Hollywood
Unmurders. He still hasn’t figured out how to get my books into the nonfiction
section, so don’t be surprised if it’s called fiction when it comes out next year.

See you then.

Patch, the vampire kitty-cat

*I am giving away my review copy of this book to one lucky commenter, so leave me a comment about your opinion on vampire animals or animal sidekicks for your chance to win. This contest will remain open until November 28th and I will announce the winner the following weekend. Please leave an email address if one is not included in your profile.


Zita said...

Well, who wouldn't want to learn the true truth about vampires. Sign me up!


donnas said...

Sounds great. Thanks for sharing! I have to admit I dont have a lot of experience with vampire animals, but I love animal sidekicks.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Randy Newnham said...

I wish I had a vampire cat sidekick!

Carrie said...

I think that a vampire dog might make for an intersting sidekick.

Anonymous said...

This was just a lame book promotion.