Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Review: Dying Light by

Book description:

In the near future, a new world order society mercilessly eradicates the last victims of the Blood Virus. "Vampyres", constantly in fear of discovery and persecution, live and walk among humans as ordinary people with an extraordinary reality and a haunting past; a deal to save the last vampyres is struck, but intrigue and betrayal ensure that while the sun will rise tomorrow, no one knows who will live to see it.


I found this book to be slightly reminiscent of Underworld, only set way in the future, and Charlotte reminded me a bit of Selene. Not a bad start at all. In fact it was this connection that kept me reading. The coven set up is a hierarchy system and there was a lot of political machinations going on behind the scenes between the vampires and the humans. This world is a much different place than we know and the author uses meticulous details and involved storytelling to create and describe his vision for the future. Solid action and strong character development is what keeps this book moving. Sometimes the switch between action sequences and characters was confusing- however, the pacing and descriptions were spot on.

There are several unresolved issues concerning certain characters and events but not in a way that would prevent me from reading another book. I welcome the opportunity to further explore this world and watch the author grow.

*Reviewed by Anna Dougherty for Bite Club
*This book was sent to me for review by Get Red PR.

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reading. writing. revolution. said...

Lots of issues to be resolved in the forthcoming part two, which will hopefully be hitting the shelves, so to speak, in mid February. I decided I needed to make a few major changes to the end to help take the story further into the chaos of New Baltimore's struggle for survival.

Glad you liked it, and I think once the reader gets a good feel for what's going on and how I move around in the book, then those sudden scene and character scenes will be easier to deal with. It's been an interesting exercise because, of course, I know everything, and I have to work harder to make sure I'm telling the reader enough without saying too much and giving things away. Why? Because the end involves some major "holy crap!" moments that will hopefully shock. :)