Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Vampire Diaires ~Teasers~ Season 2

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Now, I am SO ready for December 2nd's new episode!!! I've decided to include some quotes from the show's producers and even some tasty tidbits from some of the actors on the show...

Julie Plec recently revealed a tidbit about Caroline and Tyler “"They’re gonna go through hell and back with each other." Sounds to me like the road for Caroline and Tyler is going to be a bit bumpy, but I think these two will come out just fine since they're both really strong characters.

Candace Accola commented on where Caroline and Tyler stand: I think it's a beautiful parallel for both of these characters that are kind of embarking on this new part of their lives in such an extreme supernatural way.” I think this will cement the bond already forming between the two characters, although I'm really curious as to where Matt will end up in this triangle.

Of course, we’re going to have a mid-season cliff hanger… Producer Julie Plec says that “the cliffhanger will center around Tyler's transformation, and he won’t be the only werewolf in Mystic Falls by the time we get into the New Year.” I think the addition of a new werewolf, specifically a female werewolf, will stir things up with Damon. At least that what some of the preview photos revealed...

Plec also reveals that the role of Michaela McManus, who comes on board December 9, will portray Jules, a friend of Mason's from Florida. It seems that Jules will "cause all kinds of trouble."

Hope this has gotten you all vamped up for the December 2nd show of TVD.

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