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The Vampire Diaries ~ Katerina ~

******Spoiler Alert********

This episode jumped off with a flash back to Bulgaria 1940 where Katherine who is human at this point is having a baby out of wedlock. Her family takes the baby and Katherine is left crying.

Elena arrives at the Salvatore house after Stefan calls her. Damon lets her in and Stefan says they have something to tell her. Rose comes out and they explain to Elena that Klaus is coming after her because she is the Petrova doppelganger. Rose explains that Klaus is THE original, that Elijah was just a foot soldier, and that he cannot be stopped. Elena leaves saying she has to go to school.

At school Bonnie drops her books and Jeremy comes along and helps her pick them up. He asks her out and she appears shocked and says ‘You’re Elena’s brother.” He says never mind, but Bonnie changes her mind and agree although she’s really bad at pool. A new student interrupts Jeremy and Bonnie and he introduces himself as Luka. Jeremy shows him where the main office is and Jeremy notices the steamy looks passing between Luka and Bonnie.

Elena is trying to convince Caroline to keep Stefan busy and not to look for her. She has a plan and Caroline is very reluctant to help Elena lie to Stefan. Elena convinces Caroline to open the tomb and leave her with Katherine. Reluctantly Caroline opens the tomb and Katherine staggers into the light and says “Hello Elena.”

Katherine wants to know what Elena wants. Elena tells her that she brought her family history and a bottle full of blood. She offers Katherine a cup by sliding the cup into the tomb with a stick. She tells Katherine she’d better drink up because decaying and mummifying is a horrible way to rot. Katherine agree and starts to tell her story. — Katherine was banished to England for having a baby out of wedlock. She was a disgrace to her family. She met Klaus and was infatuated until she found out what he was and what he wanted with her. She tells Elena that when she found out what Klaus wanted she ran like hell.

Another flashback takes us back to Katherine (still human) running through the woods with a group of vampires chasing her; among them Trevor, Elijah, and Klaus. Trevor sneaks up on her and tells her to run to a nearby cottage and that she’ll be safe there. She tells Elena that she was the first Petrova doppelganger and that Klaus will want to drink every single drop of blood from her body.

Back at the Salvatore house, Damon and Rose are trading barbs back and forth. She says it must suck to be in love with your brother’s girlfriend. He retorts that she’s “not helping.” Damon wants to know how to find Klaus. Rose tells Damon that they don’t have to find Klaus that he’ll find them, but she has a friend in Richmond named Slater that should be able to help them.

Caroline intercepts Stefan going to check on Elena. He says tells Caroline that Elena was just kidnapped I want to know she’s okay. Caroline tells Stefan that she might have done something wrong and that Damon might kill her. She confides in Stefan that she told Tyler that she was a vampire. Stefan begrudgingly takes her to the grill to talk.

Elena wants to know what their bloodline has to do with Klaus. Katherine tells Elena that witches are tricky with their curses and the curse will end with the death of the doppelganger. Another flashback of Katherine making it to the cottage and Rose opening the door and letting her in. Rose says that she is going to take Katherine back to Klaus and beg for his mercy and throws Katherine in a room. Some how Katherine gets a dagger and stabs herself saying that she’d rather die that go back to him. Rose slits her wrist and forces Katherine to drink her blood to heal. Trevor rushes in and tells Rose that he loves Katherine. While they argue Katherine has slipped out of the room and they hear a chair crash to the floor and rush to the main room to find that Katherine has hung herself. Later she wakes up as a newly turned vampire. Rose tries to stake her and ends up killing the maid. Katherine drinks from the maid. Rose tells her that she's just signed their death sentence. Katerina says "Better you die than I"

Damon and Rose arrive in Richmond and Damon slams Rose against a wall and tell her he’ll kill her if she betrays him. She in turn slams him into the car and says “I’m older, that means I’m stronger. You can trust me.” Rose and Slater hug and Slater names Damon and shakes his hand. His hobby is getting degrees. Slater asks where Trevor is and Rose just shakes her head with tears in her eyes.

Elena tells Katherine that she ruined Rose’s and Trevor’s lives and Katherine replies that “I will always look out for myself.”

At the grill Bonnie is intrigued by Luka and his father—Dr. Jonas Martin. Jonas says that they moves to Mystic Falls from Louisiana and asks Bonnie if she has any family from Salem. Bonnie says yes she does and excuses herself when Jeremy arrives.

Slater, Rose, and Damon are chatting about how to find Klaus. Slater tells him that his contact was someone who knew someone, who knew someone, who knew Elijah. Outside the coffee house Elijah drops a hundred dollar bill in a guitar case and takes a handful of quarters and shifts them back and forth in his hands as he listens to Slater tell Rose and Damon that he needs to find the moonstone and a witch to break the curse.

Bonnie and Jeremy are playing pool when Luka says he gets to play the winner. Bonnie gives ups and lets Luka play with Jeremy. Jeremy is seriously notices the sparks are flying between Luka and Bonnie.

Caroline tells Stefan that she’s scared that Damon will kill her when he finds outs he told Tyler about her. Stefan makes sure that Caroline only told Tyler the minimal of information. He realizes that Caroline is stalling him and he says “She’s with Damon isn’t she?” Caroline looks disgusted and says “Ew!! No!” Stefan leaves the grill going in search of Elena.

Elena tells Katherine so you got Mason to get you the moonstone, you have a vampire (Caroline) you have a werewolf (Tyler), you have a witch (Bonnie), and you have the doppelganger (Elena). You plan to sacrifice us all to save yourself. Katherine replies “Better you die than I.”

Slater, Rose, and Damon are chatting when the uv-ray proof glass is shattered by Elijah flinging those quarters and bringing the glass raining down on them. Rose’s skin starts to burn and Damon covers her and carries her to the car. She cries as Damon puts her in the back seat.
Luka comes over to apologize to Bonnie for his dad. “He didn’t mean any harm, he sensed you.” Luka tells Bonnie that they’re warlocks who “just want to fit in.”
Stefan bursts into the tomb to find Elena chatting with Katherine. He tells her that she can’t trust Katherine and that they should leave. Katherine interrupts him and says that Elena hasn’t heard the best part of the story. She says he killed her whole family. That he won’t stop until he gets Elena even if that means killing anyone she’s ever loved.

Another flashback takes us back to Katherine’s home in Bulgaria in 1492. Klaus has slaughtered her whole family. Katherine screams and mourns the loss of her family. Stefan insists that she’s lying. Katherine show Stefan and Elena the moonstone and tells him to come get it. He stares Katherine down calling her a “psychotic bitch” and saying that she just wants her freedom. She smirks and says “Freedom? Why would I want that? I’m in a tomb where in a vampire comes in, they can’t get out. Right now I’m the safest psychotic bitch in town.” Katherine walks back into the tomb.

Back at the Salvatore house Rose apologizes to Damon saying she didn’t it was going to happen and that she wishes that they could save Elena because he loves her. She also says that he reminds her of Trevor, but “My loyalty to him almost got me dead too. You’re right to fight it—the way you feel about her.” If you want to survive, you need to not care about anyone. Damon says that “Caring gets you dead huh?”. You have to turn the feelings off. Damon looks at her and says “I will, if you will.” They share a lingering look and Damon meets her face to face and they stare into each other’s eyes and finally kiss. FINALLY Damon has found someone to be with.

Jeremy-watches Bonnie and Luka and just laughs quietly to himself and leaves the grill. This is very reminiscent of his triangle with Tyler and Vicki.

Stefan takes Elena home and she breaks down saying she can’t talk about it. Stefan begs her to not shut him out. She says “I wanted to know the truth and I got it. I was the one that put my family in danger.”

Back in the tomb Katherine reading her family history and she sees a drawing of her family, she drags her finger over their faces and she cries.

Rose tells Damon that “It is a lie, there’s not a switch you can turn off. After so many years you have to pretend.” Her phone rings and Damon hands her the phone. Slater tells Rose that they can end the curse, they need the moonstone and witch should be able to figure out the rest.” He says that “I want no more part in this. Good luck Rose.” They hang up and Elijah tells him he did a good job. Slater says “Thank you I have a degree in theater.”

Slater wants to know how Elijah can compel him. He asks “how did you do that, is it because you’re an original?” Elijah makes a “hmm” and then tells Slater “You take this and stab it through your heart. Slater tells him “But that will end my life forever.” Elijah replies “Yes. But it’s necessary.” Slater stabs himself through the heart.

Someone asks, “Was it really?” and Dr. Jonas Martin walks into the room. Elijah replies, “He delivered his message. Wont’ be long now.”

**End of Episode**

This was such an information packed episode!

I was really happy they showed so much of Katherine’s back-story and what led her to be like she is. I also liked that she showed some emotion toward her family. Maybe
Katherine has some redeeming qualities. What do you guys think?

I was so disappointed for Jeremy who really likes Bonnie… he really needs a girl.

I am a huge fan of Rose although I’m not sure she can be trusted. I think it is great that Damon has someone he can match wits against and he needs a romantic interest.

What did you guys think of tonight’s episode.

***The next episode will be Thursday December 2. Between now and then I will recap the episodes from Episode 6 until now and probably add in some spoilers for rest of the season.***

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