Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Walking Dead Episode 2: Guts

Okay, I had big plans to recap this show but I have discovered two very important things. The first, I am not very good at summarizing shows and this just furthers my belief that Jen and Betty are superstar blog goddesses. The second is that flu bugs suck and dreaming of the zombie apocalypse is not helping. Sad, I know. So here is my condensed Campbell soup version for this week.

I'm approaching this show differently than I would let's say a movie or book about zombies. Since the creators want us to tune in each week it needs to be about more than zombies, more than survivors, more than blood and guts. Episode 2 introduced a few new characters (some good and some not so good), showed a new hardness to Rick's story (he cut up a zombie and didn't even flinch...much), and reinforced my dislike of the partner and wife (she's weak and he is a cowardly family snatching jerk). It's making me nuts not to know how this virus started, they need to start dropping a few more clues, and I am having creepy dreams about these almost intelligent walkers (they know to pick up rocks and smash glass). I'd have to say that the overall tone for episode 2 was way more intense than the premiere and I was on the edge of my seat during most of the show, especially towards the end when they were walking among the zombies and trying to heist the truck so they could escape.

I do have a few questions for you though.

  1. Would you have left that nasty racist up on the roof with no means for escape? If so, would you later confess to the equally unhinged brother?

  2. Do you dislike the wife and partner as much as I do? Or are you more sympathetic to the stress and situation? I get that the situation is crazy and they couldn't exactly carry a comatose guy around while trying to escape a horde of flesh eating zombies, but something just feels off and the partner seems so self centered. I don't think he cares about the group as much as he lets on and can absolutely see him screwing them over. I think he wanted the wife for himself even before the outbreak.

  3. How do you think Rick is going to react when he finds out?

  4. What do you think caused this zombie outbreak? Any theories so far?

  5. Tuning in next week? I am!!!
Check out these episode 2 highlights:

Don't forget to hop over to the official AMC Walking Dead website and take the survival test. I scored the rank of Father figure, which essentially means that I am smart, compassionate and not a total failure in stressful situations. Let me know your score! And if you get the chance, play the Atlanta Run game- I'm curious to see how that goes.


debbie said...

I am really enjoying this series.
I hate to say this, but in that situation (and that situation only)I would have left him there. He would have killed that other character, and would do more violence in the future. It is about survival, and he would be a big problem.
I really dislike the two of them, and I have a feeling that this didn't just start now. I think it had been going on.
I think Rick is going to lose it when he finds out.
That is what I kept thinking,also. They need to start dropping some clues about how it started.
I am glad to see the show has been picked up for next year.

Jen D. said...

LOL! Thanks Anna. I'm sure Betty will agree that once you have a few under your belt it becomes way easier. And I'm sorry to hear the flu is bullying you. Hope you feel better soon!

Okay so to answer your questions:

1. I probably wouldn't have left him even though he was a major jerk wad. Lies never stay covered up so eventually his unhinged brother would've found out. It was a sucky situation all around. And I hate to say it but, karma came back to bite him in the butt. It's why you shouldn't be mean to people during a zombie apocalypse.

2. I very much dislike the wife and partner. I'm all for feeding them to the breathers. I might have sympathy if I didn't believe that they were hooking up waaay before Rick ended up in the hospital.

3. He might just be so relieved to find them alive that he may let it slide.

4. Great question. And I have no idea. I don't know if they'll go the disease route or what but, I'm dying for them to reveal it already.

5. Hells to the yes!!

Side note:
-How come zombies can't climb a ladder but can climb chain link fences?

-I heard The Walking Dead is getting a second season! Woo to the Hoo!! I hear it's going to have 13 episodes.

Melissa Walker said...

Good morning ladies! Anna, I hope you feel better soon and your flu bug isn't actually the Zombie bug. :-)

1. I would have left him! Unfortunately I know and grew up around too many guys like him and have zero tolerance. He would be nothing but a royal pain in the butt to deal with even if they had saved him. I think I saw on preview for Epi 3 that Rick wants to go back for him? Blech.

2. I agree with Jen - these two have been going at it for awhile. Poor Sheriff Rick.

3. I'm hoping he takes his son and finds Morgan and his son again.

4. I can't tell what started the zombification because the survivors are so fickle in how they deal with zombies! Sometimes they are very careful, then they aren't. What gives?

5. So hooked already, I have no choice. I watch this show with hubby and a 16 yr old son. Great fun!

Carrie said...

I have not seen the series but I my Doctors wife said that the Zombies look so real in the eyes that she had to turn the channel but curiosity took her back.

Anna (Bite Club) said...

@Melissa- I hope it's not a zombie bug either, although the eyes are somewhat similar:) I watch this show with my husband too! Do you find that how you react is different from how they respond?

@Carrie- The thing that bothers me the most about these zombies is that they still have fairly human eyes and sometimes you can read the expression in them. I guess I was expecting dead, blank looking eyes.

@Jen- I had that same question!! Maybe it has to do with how long they have been a zombie? Like the more recently exposed are more human than the older zombies, which means they have some remnant skills?

@Debbie- I'm glad it got picked up! It drives me nuts when they cancel a show without really giving it a chance. I'm hoping that the longer season means more answers at a faster rate.