Sunday, December 12, 2010

Help Wanted

The focus of Bite Club has typically centered around paranormal books, television shows, and the occasional movie, but I would like to expand to include video games (all platforms as long as the game has a paranormal theme) and graphic novels with each one having a once-a-month feature. To do this right I need help! Those subjects fall outside my area of expertise and between all my daily obligations (mommy duty, being a playground monitor, volunteering with the military, being a wife etc), I just don't have any more room on my plate. It's already overflowing in a sloppy mess!

Thing is...having games and graphic novels become part of Bite Club would be awesome so if you would be interested in becoming a contributor in either of these areas, send me an email at vampchixreadbooks AT gmail DOT com with your ideas and I'll be in touch.

These are volunteer positions and everyone involved does it for fun. And we really do have fun!

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