Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Vampire Diaries vs. True Blood Smackdown


We have finally reached the last round in our Vampire Diaries vs. True Blood Smackdown. For our final head to head battle we’ve got Damon Salvatore over in the blue corner and Eric Northman over in the red corner.  Not for anything but, I think Damon is going to give Eric a run for his money.  Will the very beautiful but, very dangerous Damon be able to take out the fierce and cunning Eric.  Only one way to fine out…LET’S GET IT ON!!!




  • 162 years old
  • Over 1,000 years old
  • Very strong
  • Very strong
  • Able to fly by turning into a crow and can create and control fog
  • Able to fly
  • Can walk in the sun
  • Strategist
  • Protective of Stefan and Elena
  • Protective of Pam and Sookie
  • Does sexiness count as a strength?

  • Is extremely ruthless to get what he wants
  • Manipulator
  • Kills without mercy
  • Control freak
  • Hates Stefan’s relationship with Elena
  • Does not value human life
  • Jealous
  • Always has an agenda

Jen D.:  Believe it or not Betty this is the match I’ve been waiting for.  After looking at their weaknesses I’ve realized they’re really not weaknesses at all.  If you want to be captain of the ship then you kind of have to be all those things.  I really have no idea which way this one will go.  Both contenders are strong in their own rights.  I think Mr. Northman isn’t going to defeat Mr. Salvatore very easily.  Yes, yes I know Eric’s a ruthless Viking warrior and is significantly older than Damon but, I won’t count out Damon’s own bad assness.  I am very interested to see how the readers are going to vote on this one.

Betty:  I’ve been looking forward to this showdown too! I felt the same way as I was writing the pros and cons for Damon, his cons aren’t necessarily cons.  I honestly can’t choose between the two of them.  I think every girl wants a guy like Damon and Eric, a guy who would stop at nothing to protect her and stop at nothing to get her.  I have no doubt they can protect their respective girls.  Every woman needs a strong blonde Viking and a dark brooding Salvatore brother.  If they both showed up at my door, I’d invite them both in for dinner.  I’m really excited to see our reader’s opinions!

Well Bite Clubbers?  Does Damon have enough hutzpah to take out Eric or does he have no chance whatsoever? What are some of the strengths and weaknesses you think will help or hurt them.  Cast your vote and tell us what you think.  If you haven’t already, don’t forget to vote in Round One and Two of our battle series.




Katia said...

Eric will win. Hands down. He has less emotion and bigger balls.


Amers425 said...


While they are both very good looking guys and Damon seems to be a great "bad guy", I think Eric is the MASTER OF JERKFACENESS!

I have a serious love/hate relationship with Eric Northman. One second I'll be all "OH I HATE YOU!! YOU ARE SUCH A SLEEZEBALL A-HOLE!!" Then in the next 5 minutes I switch to "Oh! *sigh* I love you! Take me now!" LOL! Eric always seems to be able to work his charming self back into my good graces.

Damon for me just doesn't have that same hootzspah. ;-)

My vote is ERIC all the way!

Mandi said...

ERIC!!! Hands down. :)

Robin K said...

No competition here. Eric wins.

robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

Leilani @Leilani Loves Books said...

SOOOO hard!!!! They are both my favorite in their own series.

As much as I love Eric, I have to give this one to Damon!!!

leilani @ leilanilovesbooks.com

smittenskitten said...

Looks at Damon, looks at Eric. Looks at Damon, looks at Eric.

Viking viking. Yeah always hands down cheeks up Eric Northman. That's it.


Kira Kiralina said...

Eric is all man, while DAmon - just a boy. I'm into men, so Eric, with no second thoughts.

svmaddict said...

Tough call. I'm a Viking girl but Damon is one of my weaknesses as well...

Let's see: They're both awesome. They both have incredible eyes. The use of the eyebrow as a panties' dropper is a weapon they're both familiar with, they're cunning and love themselves quite a bit yet they're fiercely loyal to those few they care about, they're devilishly charming and irresistible... Hm.

I'll go with Eric for one reason and one reason alone: while cruel and ruthless when needed, Eric has never displayed any psycho elements (unless you count "seeing" Godric's ghost as one) while in the first episodes of season 1, Damon -while utterly charming- was also a complete psycho. He still shows signs of it from time to time to be honest. He is a lovable looney but a looney nevertheless.

Samantha said...

No competition Eric wins everytime

Teril said...

I hear your guys thoughts on Damon by seriously, Eric takes him out.
There would be no doubt for me. I would rather see Eric shirtless and pounding fists over Damon anytime, with that nice grin.

Teri C

Vampire Lady said...

I weould have to say Damon. Eric is awsome in the book and show. But Alexander loses my vote because he is going out with Kate Bosworth yuck. You go Damon. Again i love Eric in the book and show. Just not Alexander till he stops dating yucky Kate Bosworth

LSUReader said...

Gotta go with Eric here. (Email in profile.)

Augmentative AT said...

Eric!!! I have been waiting for this match up. Eric is by far my favorite and wouldn't have any trouble winning this round. Love his character in the book and the show!

Vickie said...

Eric! Eric! Eric!

Saint Andie said...

Damon!!! Eric may be old, but I think this may very well be his downfall - his vampire self is out of date...too polite (if that can even be said of a vamp...) Eric expects a bit more of 'monsters living/dying by the monster code...Damon makes his own law! Go Damon!


Natalie (Mindful Musings) said...

I'd have to go with Damon on this one!


svmaddict said...

forgot to leave an e-mail address last night: svmaddict@gmail.com

CLMcCune said...

DAMON...hands down it's Damon! It's funny because I love True Blood over Vampire Diaries but Damon is just the BEST BAD BOY to come along. He cannot even do a nice innocent look & that's O.K. with me *drool*.

CLMcCune said...
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