Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fun vampire jokes

My kids are always trying to tell jokes and I find myself laughing along, even when they don't make a lick of sense to anyone but themselves. Laughing is good. Laughing at nonsense is fun. Does that explain why I am posting really lame jokes on the blog? Not really, but it was fun all the same. So I dedicate today to laughing at even the most ridiculous things. Maybe next week I can find werewolf jokes. Enjoy!

What is Dracula’s favorite fruit? 

What happened to the two mad vampires? 
They both went a little batty. 

What do vampires cross the sea in? 
Blood vessels. 

Why does Dracula always travel with his coffin? 
Because his life is at stake.


Jen D. said...

lol...neck braces....*snort*

Anna (Bite Club) said...

That one was my fav:)