Friday, January 28, 2011

Kindle and Nook news... plus a Steampunk car

Engadget reports that Amazon and Kindle have come one step closer to total world domination, okay, not really... but they are doing rather well.

Not to be outdone B&N have cool things planned for the Nook:

and finally, check out this steampunk car (full story can be found here):

Somewhere on the site they have a video of a Chinese water cannon but I could not get the code so you'll have to go over to Engadget to see it. I love this site and you should too!


Jen D. said...

That car is wicked cool.

Simon Schempp said...

Wicked cool is definitely right. I looked at the link and I was so amazed! The Pagani has that modern super car look from the outside, while it has that classy steampunk-esque look on the inside. It looks so stylish that you can actually feel cool just by looking at it. I bet riding it would double that feeling!