Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Being Human: episode 3: Something to Watch Over Me recap and discussion

One of the things that I like best about this show is that in every episode we get a little bit about each character, everyone progresses, and the story moves on. In this episode we get to watch Aidan dealing with his violent past and his friction with Bishop edges up another notch. I don't really like Bishop and every time I see him I wish someone would just give him a haircut already. And maybe fix the color. He looks trapped in like the 1970's and I don't find him to be threatening at all. I mean, he has the mindmeld mojo happening, could kill me without batting an eye, but he comes across as a Mr. Rogers type. I've seen pictures on the net and he isn't a bad looking dude so I'm not asking the impossible. Is this a new trend in master vampires? Godric (True Blood) was the same way for me. Maybe they do it to hide in plain sight or something?

Aidan is awesome though. He has the brooding attitude- the angst- but you also see the darkness simmering just beneath the surface. He struggles every minute of the day and his decision to not take fresh blood is dangerous for him and his friends. I am curious about the tattoo. When and how? Is that even possible for vampires? Nit-picky me.

We were also treated to Josh using his new skills to help the neighborhood. Let's just say that taggers will think twice before brightening up his block. He could definitely use his curse in a useful way, like maybe becoming a search and rescue guy, or as a taste tester for royalty. Can't wait to see the new werewolf he is supposed to meet next week!

Sally and Mullet-Man were fun to watch and I was glad to see Sally improve her ghosting abilities. I liked her speech about being buried and she made me teary when she watched Danny sleep. So sad. Not sure I'd like being a ghost and honestly, the thoughts about what happens when we die really trip me out. Next week should be interesting because we'll get the chance to see how she reacts to Danny moving on with his life, and maybe dating. Thought the effects for her teleporting were cool too.

Here's the sneak peek for next week:

*How hard would it be for SyFy to put episode photos up for us to look through and share? They really don't make it easy to spread the word about the show. That site is a pain in the ass to navigate!

*And in other exciting SyFy news:

They've decided to air Moonlight after Being Human, a decision I both applaud and despise. On one hand I was happy to have another chance to watch Mick, but that also means I will once again be disappointed when they run out of episodes.

Along with being bombarded for something about a gateroid that stars Debbie Gibson, I was tempted by a new series about makeup effects, called Face Off. Yeah, like I need another dose of reality TV, but this seemed pretty cool. I might even watch next week.

Did anyone else watch these shows or am I the only insomniac? Thoughts on Being Human? Anyone know what the hell a gateroid might be?


Melissa Walker ~ Edge of Forever said...

*scrolling with eyes closed* I haven't forgotten! I just haven't had time to flip through my DVR and watch the last two episodes! I'll be back!

Elias said...

As a huge fan of the original BBC series I was a little worried SyFy would screw this up (I'm looking at you Sharktopus). I've really enjoyed the series so far though. The first two episodes were great and the new this week was even better. I wasn't able to watch it on Monday night but fortunately I'm a DISH customer/employee and I used their TV Everywhere app to watch this weeks episode on my iphone during my lunch break at work. Can't wait for next week.