Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Being Human Episode 4 recap: Wouldn't it be nice (if we were human)

*Warning* This recap contains a teensy-weensy bit of profanity but nothing worse than you heard in the episode last night.

So last night we met Ray, a trash talking werewolf that helps Josh embrace his inner wolf while teaching him how to be smarter about the change. Techniques like hanging a rump roast in the woods for the wolf to find and remembering to stay hydrated are just a few things that Josh learned. He desperately needed some help and some of this stuff should of been common sense, like bringing a change of clothes. Up to this point it seemed that Josh was so focused on the terror and all the negatives that he forgot to think about what might make being a werewolf tolerable, or dare I say it, fun. Ray injected some comedy into the episode but overall you just have to know that he is too good to be true (his hatred of vampires is not a good thing for the household). Trouble is brewing.

Sally learned that she can interact with the human world but her efforts require really strong emotions, like seeing her fiance kissing on her bestest friend. I'd find a way to toss some breakables too! After a heartfelt discussion with Aidan she decides that her loved ones are entitled to move on and communicates that to her friend. Sally is a much better ghost than I could ever be, as I warned Flyboy last night that 6 months is not enough time and my friends are all off limits, forever, otherwise serious hauntings might occur.

For me, the stars from last night were hands down Aidan and Rebecca. I didn't buy that Rebecca wanted to change her ways (she just isn't the huggly vampire type) but it was sure fun seeing her try. And instead of easing back on fresh blood consumption, Rebecca scoffs at the hospital blood bag method, convincing Aidan that taking from each other is a-okay, and the result is a major backslide for Aidan (but lots of bloody sex for us to watch). In the end Rebecca disappears while Aidan is left with a major case of bloodlust.

Favorite lines:
Aidan to Josh: "Why are you dressed like a douche?"
Josh: What's rule number 2?

Ray: Normally we steer clear of vampires but you have already crapped the bed on that one.

Here's a sneak peek at the next episode:

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