Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Being Human recap: It Takes Two To Make a Thing Go Wrong

Monday night has a routine in my house: Watch Castle at 9pm followed by Being Human at 10pm. After a very long day spent driving (Sedona to Tucson with 2 kids and Flyboy) I was more than ready to wind down, relax and watch my shows. Castle gets my usual adoration, except when they escaped into a freezing storage room, because really, who does that?) but Being Human annoyed me, mostly because I am not loving the little sister. At all. And I might have to stop recapping the show because SyFy has a terrible website that doesn't even have her, the sister, listed in the cast. Dummies! I just don't have the time to hunt around for every single tidbit. Next week I will allow myself more time so the post will be more interesting...I hope.

In a nutshell:

*Aidan gets a vampy sex disc from Rebecca and has to hide how much he likes it from his roomies. Bishop hopes that Rebecca will be able to bring Aidan back to the clan. Rebecca confesses the master plan to Aidan but we are left to wonder if he can really trust her. My guess, probably not.

*After some cute confusion over wording Josh finally gets a date with Nora, the doctor that formerly thought he was nuts but has obviously changed her mind. Oddly enough he invites her back to his place. You know, the same place he shares with a vampire and a ghost. Not the wisest choice but it is nice that he wants to cook for her.

*Sally is being stalked by her engagement ring. To take her mind of of Danny she goes to a club with Aidan and Emily where she meets a poltergeist. Could this be an answer to her ghostly problems? Just torment Danny for all eternity? I'm guessing that she'll chill out before that happens.

Flyboy wants to see more from the character of Sally and doesn't enjoy her storyline. At the moment I am in agreement because the last couple of episodes have involved a lot of house shaking with very little to show for it. I'd like to see her find a way to warn Brigit, especially after the bruised arms.

Things to ponder:

*Did anybody else get irritated with Emily?
*Is Danny going to get what he deserves?
*Who trusts Rebecca?
*Will Josh finally get laid?

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Anonymous said...

Dont Trust Rebecca , Danny will get his soon I believe . Looking forwars to seeing Josh man up a bit. His little sister is annoying and probably because she wobt be aroubd long and rocks the boat/house.