Friday, February 4, 2011

The Vampire Diaries ~ Daddy Issues ~

Caroline and Tyler—Tyler turns up at Caroline’s house and she tells him that Matt is still in the picture and they can’t go there. He asks her what happened to Mason. She tries to explain and he won’t hear her. Tyler slams Caroline against the car and he says that he knows Stefan and Damon are vampires, just like her and they killed Mason. He feels betrayed and leaves her.
Damon in the shower (I squealed like a little girl)—hears the news reporter talking about the recent killings and the disappearance of Jessica Conen.
Uncle John and Elena—Elena wants to know why he’s here and he says he’s there to protect her. Jenna and Alaric enter the kitchen and Jenna demands to know why he’s there and tells him to get out. He tells Jenna that he’s Elena’s biological father and he has every right to be there. Alaric says it’s time for him to leave.
Stefan and Damon—Damon is annoyed that Stefan went to find Isobel and came back with John. Stefan tells Damon that John knew about the sacrifice and knew how to keep Elena safe but he’s not talking. Damon says he’ll get him to talk. Stefan tries to talk to him about Rose and Damon brushes it off saying he knew her all of five minutes. He tells Stefan to watch out, he’s being the ‘good’ guy and he might even go get himself a ‘hero’ hairdo and steal his thunder
Caroline and Stefan—She tells Stefan that Tyler is angry and Stefan tells her that Tyler has every reason to retaliate. Caroline tells him that he can reason with Tyler and that he always knows what to say.
Jules and Tyler—Jules tells Tyler that vampires are never going to be his friends. Your new life is just the beginning and you have a lot to learn and how to survive. We take care of each other. It’s my duty and honor to help you.
Stefan and Tyler—Stefan shows up at Tyler’s house and tries to reason with him. Stefan tells Tyler that Caroline is trying to be his friend and take care of him. During their encounter, Stefan gets a call from Caroline’s phone and he realizes that Jules has Caroline and is hurting her.
Elena and Damon—Damon wants to know where John is and Elena tells him that he dropped the bomb on Jenna and blew out of the house. They agree that they don’t trust John even though Stefan seems to. Damon says he’s going to kill John and Elena makes him promise not to do anything and to be a good guy. Damon turns down having a drink with the local news reporter that Jenna introduces him to. Elena chastises him for blowing her off and he tells her that she has to stop thinking just because she asks, he’ll be a better man.
Jules and Brady—The two discuss the need to kill all the vampires and they plan to kill them all. The two corner Caroline and Jules sprays her in the face with vervain and Brady shoots her between the eyes with a wooden bullet. The take her to the woods and lock her in a cage in the RV. While they are waiting on Stefan to bring Tyler to them, they torture her by shooting her with wooden bullets and spraying her with vervain. Brady tells her that all vampires need to die.
Bonnie and DR. Martin—He tries to explain to Bonnie that when Elijah gives his word he keeps it and that is why all her friends are safe.
The big fight scene—Stefan shows up with Tyler and Stefan wants to be peaceful. Damon shows up and says that we’ll do it Stefan’s peaceful way and if that doesn’t work, I’ll kill you all. Jules lets out whistle and the brothers are surrounded by a pack of werewolves. Damon and Stefan do their best and kill several of the pack but they’re still injured. While the fight is going on Tyler hesitates to let Caroline out of the cage, but eventually does and she joins the fight only to be attacked by Jules. The fight is interrupted by Dr. Martin who is weaving a spell that makes all the wolves pass out. He tells them that Elijah promised Elena that her friends would be safe now they needed to get out of there. Dr. Martin addresses Tyler saying when your friends wake up, they need to get the hell out of this town.
Caroline—Stefan takes her home and make sure she’s okay. She tells him that she’s not ‘girly’ little Caroline anymore and she can handle it. Later Tyler turns up at her door and she’s angry when he tells her he had no idea they’d come for her. She tells him that she lied to protect her friends and he was just going to stand there and let them die. You’re supposed to help your friends. We’re no longer friends—after what happened to me—we’re not friends. What happened to me tonight will not happen again and you take that back to your little werewolf pack.
Damon and John—John says that he knows he and Stefan will do anything to protect Elena and he comes bearing gifts. He tells Damon that the dagger needs to be dipped in the white ash and that will kill an original. John assures Damon that if Isobel accomplishes what she’s attempting, Klaus will never set foot in Mystic Falls.
Stefan shows up at Caroline’s with Elena and Bonnie and they say it’s been too long since they had a sleepover. Caroline hugs them and cries. Elena tells Stefan that she loves him and he leaves.
Damon—(This rivals the shower scene for the best scene in this episode) He’s in the bath with the news girl. He says that he needs a distraction because he’s in love with a woman he can never have. Then he confides in her that he kills people and he likes it. He compels her to not be afraid and she says that maybe he’s changed, because love changes us, and he starts to kiss her and bites into her neck and blood runs down her back into the water.
Katherine—She hears someone at the entrance to the tomb and he says I know you’re expecting someone else, but she got your message. Katherine asks him if Stefan knows he’s here and he says that no one knows that it’s between him, Katherine, and Isobel. Katherine says I want out of this tomb John. He says, “I’m already on it.”
****I have to say that this episode made me angry several times. I hated the way Tyler betrayed Caroline and his 'friends.' I think he needs to man up a little and make his own choices. I think I was pulling for a Caroline/Tyler relationship. I don't think Matt is going to be strong enough for a relationship with my favorite little blond vampire.
What do you guys think?

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Augmentative AT said...

I must say that I was also pulling for Caroline and Tyler since Matt isn't in on the "secret."