Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Vampire Diaries ~ The Dinner Party ~

I think I was stunned and left saying “What!!??” more times in this episode than any other.

First a flashback to Stefan and Damon as young vampires. In a total role reversal, Damon didn’t want unnecessary killing and Stefan was angry and killing innocent people. Elena mentions that Jonathan Gilbert’s diary described Stefan as a monster and Stefan agrees, telling her that was what he was. He relished in the killing, in the blood. He confides they were angry with the founding families for killing Katherine. Then he met Alexia Brason—Lexi and she helped him with learning the ways of the vampire and to not be a ‘ripper.’

Elena continues to read through Jonathan’s diaries and reads about the dagger that can kill an original but has to be wielded by a human or it will kill both beings. She also reveals that the dagger has to stay in place so the original is for all intents and purposes dead.

Throughout the whole episode Jenna and Alaric have some angry tension going on because of John.

Bonnie and Jeremy have a run in with Luka and Jeremy protects Bonnie telling Luca to back off. Later Dr. Martin storms into the house and slams Jeremy into a wall, keeping him pinned there with magic while he strips Bonnie of her powers.

Damon visits Katherine in the tomb and she begs him not to kill Elijah because she’ll be trapped forever in the tomb.

Damon invites Elijah to a dinner party with Andie, Alaric, Jenna and himself, all the while planning to kill Elijah with the dagger and white ash. Stefan’s phone call to Alaric comes in time to stop Damon from killing Elijah and unbeknownst to him, killing himself. Alaric takes it upon himself to stab Elijah, but removes the dagger. He instructs Damon to clear out the body before Jenna finds it.

Stefan’s call to Damon is too late and Damon realizes that Elijah is gone. Elijah has Dr. Martin find Elena and he shows up at the lake house. Elijah blasts open the door but can’t come inside. Elena steps into the doorway and says she wants to renegotiate the terms of their agreement. Elijah declines and tells Elena she’s coming with him. Elena threatens to stab herself and let Stefan turn her into a vampire, just like Katherine. He calls her bluff and she stabs herself. Before she can die, he agrees to the new terms and Elena pitches herself out the door using the dagger to stab Elijah and leave it there.

Back at Jenna’s, Alaric gives up his ring to John saying that he’s going to need it more than Alaric after what he tried to do to Damon.

Stefan tells Damon that he confided in Elena all about his past and how me met Lexi. He asks Damon is he remembers Lexi and he has a flashback of his own when Lexi told him that bottling his anger up was going to be bad for him and he was going to regret it.

Damon, back in his room hears the shower running. He thinks its Andie. He opens the door and reveals a very naked, wet, Katherine. He realizes that she tricked him into killing Elijah so the compulsion to stay in the cave would be broken. She stuns him by telling him she’s going to help him and then asks for a towel.


I have to say that I had to try really hard to keep up with all the twists and turns. I never thought that Elena would be the one to kill Elijah.

We can see with each episode Elena is developing really fast, I mean it takes a LOT of courage to stab yourself in the stomach.

My favorite part of the episode was the flashbacks to Lexi. I loved Lexi in season one and almost hated Damon for killing her. I'm so glad we were treated to more of her story and her relationship with Stefan.

What was your favorite part of the episode and what did you guys think?

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Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, I literally screeched in surprise when that dagger went slamming through Elijah's chair, and I freaked out again when Elena stabbed herself. God, those people know exactly how to shake things up.

My favorite part was either the part where Alaric tells John he's going to need the ring, or when Lexi reappears for a bit. I loved her so much. That's one of few things I don't think I can forgive Damon for.