Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Vampire Diaries ~ The House Guest ~

Stefan, Elena, Damon, and Katherine—Katherine makes Damon think she’s Elena and Stefan goes upstairs and slams the real Elena into a wall demanding why she spent the night with him. Katherine appears in the doorway and tells them all that she’s getting really too good at being Elena. Elena tells Damon and Stefan that she doesn’t want Katherine there, but the brothers says that Katherine can help them with information about Klaus.

Stefan, Bonnie and the Martin’s meet and Stefan tries to get the Martins to cooperate with them. They refuse.

Luca and Jonas use a spell to project Luca’s form into the Salvatore house so he can go and pull the dagger from Elijah’s chest.

Damon and Katherine has some really nice antagonistic chemistry going on as always. Katherine finds Damon blowtorching Elijah’s body and tells him that he can hate her all he wants, but they want the same thing—Klaus dead. They spend a lot of time together going through Jonathan Gilbert’s diaries. Katherine goes downstairs to get a bag of blood but she realizes someone or something is in the house. She sees the daggers rising from Elijah’s chest and fights Luca’s spectral form as he tries to pull the dagger from Elijah’s body. Luca grabs a stake and stabs Katherine in the stomach. She yells for Damon and he blowtorches the area. He helps Katherine upstairs and helps her take out the stake, but not before shoving it in and twisting it a little. She tells him that she’s glad he’s not dead. He realizes that she had John give him the dagger so he’d be killed when he stabbed Elijah. She’s honest with him when she tells him that she chose to save Stefan… again. She also tells him that Isobel and John want Stefan and Damon out of Elena’s life.

After researching the diaries, Katherine and Damon conclude that Elijah didn’t have the dagger to kill Klaus because he was searching for the place where 100 witches died violently. Their power would have expelled all over the area at their death. Elijah was going to use the Martins to channel that energy to kill Klaus. Although, Damon tells Katherine that he hasn’t discovered the location of the grounds, he points out an area in a diary to Stefan who then takes the diary with him.

Luca’s body has caught on fire and Jonas can’t save him. Luca dies and Jonas goes crazy. Stefan knocks on their door and Jonas incapacitates him, but Stefan realizes that Jonas has used a locator spell to find where Elena is.

Matt and Caroline—Matt tells Caroline that she knows how he feels about her and the ball is in her court. At the grille she sings a song onstage for him and he kisses her and they make out in the bathroom until Jonas starts to wreck havoc while he hunts down Elena. Matt gets hurt in the process and Caroline give him her blood to heal him. She tells him the truth about her being a vampire. He basically freaks out.

Alaric and Jenna are still separated by all the secrets that are swirling around the town.

Elena, Bonnie, Jenna, and Caroline are at the grill when a pissed Jonas shows up and starts wrecking havoc. Katherine steps in and acts as if she’s Elena and ends up killing Jonas while Elena takes Jenna home. Jonas grabs Bonnie’s head and scares her as he dies.

Jeremy takes Bonnie home, she says she felt helpless and he’s concerned for her and she quiets him by putting her hand on his chest. The lights flicker. He realizes that she has her powers back. She tells him that Jonas gave her powers back and shared the knowledge of how to kill Klaus.

Damon is in his room with Katherine and she tells him that he hurt her earlier and he says “tit for tat” she explains that he was mean and monstrous and she liked it. She crawls on top of him and it looks like they’re going to kiss. He tells her that there are 6 other bedrooms in this house… go find one. He shoves her off him.

Jenna and Elena are at home when the doorbell rings. Jenna goes to answer it and Elena slowly follows. Isobel is at the door and tells Jenna “Hi, I’m Isobel, Elena’s mother.”

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