Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Being Human: I Want You Back (From the Dead)

Last night was a total trip! It wasn't exactly a secret (anyone that saw the sneak peek trailer would know) that Rebecca was going to do something stupid, like turning a child into a vampire, because that's just how she is. In some regards I think she actually means well and just wants Aidan to stay with her, but her methods are completely whacked and unhealthy. She probably had issues (dependent, clingy, neurotic) as a human only we never saw them because she was turned before Aidan, or the viewing audience could figure it out. 

Anyhow...the whole kid vampire thing was disturbing and the twist with Marcus and Bishop was a total WTF moment for me. I did think that Aidan's binge was interesting and I'm not sure why he objects so much when it seems like the donors are well cared for and nobody seemed brainwashed or in that freaky minion state. I'm just sayin', vamps gotta eat and his stance seems extreme.

My difficulty with the entire episode was that I never understood why Bishop and Josh were blaming Aidan. And why he lets himself be guilted like that. The mess started with him but Rebecca crossed the line, and again, I just don't think that Josh is a very nice friend. Way too judgemental for me.

Poor Sally. Just when you think she might find some normalcy and peace with the ghostly deal things take another depressing turn. She meets an old friend from college that has also died tragically and they strike up a romance. Cute, right? Only then Sally decides that his death echo of reliving his drowning every day is not healthy and she tries to fix him. Guess what? He doesn't want to be a project and they decide to break up. Her reasons are sound but I feel like maybe she should take a moment and understand that a hot ghosty boyfriend might be hard to find, so maybe she should just drop the intensity a few notches and see what happens. Maybe that echo would disappear on its own or maybe they could find the light together.

I thought Josh was finally going to man-up but it seems that sadly and much to my dismay, he is still a wuss. I'm just not liking his indecision and constant stress mode. He's way too nervous! He strikes me as the guy that will never find happiness because he just doesn't think he deserves it. And that's sad because werewolves are people too. Hopefully things will work out for him and his girl.

What did you think about the kid vampire and how that situation was handles? Did you guess about Marcus and Bishop? Did you think that Josh overreacted about the boy and about his girlfriend? Do you agree with Sally breaking things off with Nic?

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debbie said...

I am starting to get some mixed feelings about this show. I liked the Sally story, but after dumping him, it felt like a waste of a plotline. I can understand Josh's nervousness. He doesn't want to hurt anybody. He is going to have to come to terms with himself at sometime. I am getting to the point where I really don't like the character of Rebecca. I feel like the show can do more with Adain than it is.