Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fallen is out now! And other readerly news

Michele's latest Nocturne is out now!!


Wanting to be a part of mankind, the angel fell—losing his halo, the prize that held his earthbound soul. Now Cooper must retrieve it. But wherever the Fallen walk, a Sinistari demon intent with slaying one is not far behind. Cooper knows he must be wary of this demon. But his first encounter with her leaves him curiously hungering for more...
To reclaim her own soul, Pyxion must kill an angel. Not just any angel, but one who's fallen to earth and taken on an irresistible, seductive human form. She never expected that she would feel an attraction for the man she hunted—or that she might need his help. When faced with a powerful mutual threat, she and Cooper form an alliance. But as the danger heightens, so does the passion...and if they give in, all could be lost.

You can get your copy of Fallen at all the usual locations, or click here to be directed to the Nocturne website for all information pertaining to Harlequin books, including current releases.

More cool stuff 

*Marta Acosta has put her Scottish romance, Wolfish in Sheep's Clothing, up on Smashwords for only 99 cents!  This story originally appeared in The Mammoth Book of Scottish Romance which came out last February. Click here to get your ebook copy. 

 *Game of Thrones is set to debut on HBO beginning April 17th and I'm really looking forward to this adaptation, and what an excellent way to pass time while waiting for True Blood to begin. I haven't finished the book yet because Flyboy is hogging it at the moment, but I plan on being ready before episode one airs. Anybody else interested in this show? 

*And since I mentioned True Blood I thought it might be nice to take a look at my favorite blonde vampire. Like I need an excuse.

*I've been slacking on the Being Human posts, extra time has not been plentiful of late, but I will put up a 2 week recap this weekend, along with some cool tech news that I've been meaning to share.

*The President's Vampire comes out on April 28th!! Only 29 days and my patient waiting will come to an end. Maybe I need one of those counter thingies to demonstrate my barely contained excitement. Sometimes I am such a dork. Seriously, I have been waiting for this book since I turned the final page in Blood Oath, which happens to be one of the best books to come out in recent memory and was actually one of my early reviews. Christopher Farnsworth has a really cool website so stop by and check it out. And read these books!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yay Fallen! I hope I can get to a bookstore soon and pick it up. I loved the first book.

Stephanie G
Paranormal Haven

Rain Maiden said...

Wow that scene in Blood Oath on the ship. I still get goosebumps thinking about what happened.