Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Guest Review: Blood of the Wicked by Karina Cooper

Hey, Biters!  We've got guest reviewer Katrina Whitaker today with her review of Karina Cooper's newest, BLOOD OF THE WICKED (on sale May 31st.). It is a story about sworn enemies who must join forces as they race toward a goal that almost certainly means death for one of them, in an alternate Earth forever changed by mass catastrophes.
Not only is the story extraordinary but the author is a bit of out of this world herself.  Karina Cooper takes part in the culture of Steampunk.  Karina describes it as "What would happen if the Victorian Era merged with science-fiction." Or, in a somewhat convoluted frame, "how the future of the past could have been". Now here's Katrina's review (beginning with an overview of the story)!

Jessie Leigh has spent her whole life on the run, living life one day at a time, trying to blend in amongst the havoc and despair among the drudges in the rebuilt city.
Until- Silas Smith finds her in a New Seattle strip club. Silas is a solider of the Holy order- A missionary on a mission to destroy Jessie’s kind, she is a witch. Silas has believed his whole life, that witches must die, and that they are all bad news, him being a witch Hunter who travels society for murderous witches who threaten what is left of their world. Jessie his next target, to find Caleb a witch who murders in cold blood.
Silas is drawn to Jessie, her sexy appeal and whisky aroma- her long legs; he finds her the most sensuous woman he has ever met, but what he does not know she is his enemy. Silas has other thoughts in motion, use Jessie to get to Caleb Leigh, Jessie’s brother.
 Caleb has been stealing life’s blood, using his witchcrafts and killing innocent people. But why?
The order that Silas works for figures that Jessie is their bait, what better way to find him then through his own blood, his sister. But all is not what it seems … Is blood thicker than water or power!!!
Caleb Leigh belongs to the coven of the Unbinding, a group of witches whom follow Curio and who seek out power and payback. After a turn of events, plans don’t go as fabricated; things are certainly not what they had planned to be or what they seem to be. Silas finds out that Jessie is not who he thought she was and her life is once again in the hand of the prophecy. Will Silas, let Jessie die, or will he believe there’s good in her, or will his hate for witches lead her to her death?
 Katrina's Review:
Certainly an intriguing refreshing new storyline from Karina Cooper. Mystery and murder filled with lush, steamy sexual scenes to give it that little bit of heat, but certainly not the main factor in this story. Enough heat and romance to keep you flipping frantically, but also mystery and intrigue to keep you on the edge of your seat wandering.
Initially I found it hard to get into the first 100 pages, a little slow paced at first , but after that it was full bore ahead - steady and fluent, until the very end ,I was defiantly eager to find out the ending to this intriguing story.
  Karina created her characters, idealistically, Silas the hero we all love in a paranormal romance, definitely not indestructible but the opposite, a warrior that soldiered on like the true missionary he was. ** He was swoon ** material if you may call it that, sexy, hard exterior, but also leaving room for his soft side. He was a determined character, right till the end, kick arse and buff. I liked the way he took charge!! My kinda man.. The electricity between Jessie and Silas was sizzling, both hot to trot for each other on their first meeting.
Jessie, was timid in her own ways, forthcoming with most issues except on telling Silas her true background, but for all else she was caring and honest to herself. Believing in what she saw, and willing to do what it took to save her brother despite his hurt and betrayal towards her.
The exposition flowed fluently, all main characters relating and very idealistic. Climax was fast paced, giving us that edge of excitement and intrigue needed for that edge. End resolution of Blood of the Wicked, a relatively happy one, I’m sure the reader will be pleased, but I am sure this leaves room for more. Questions left unanswered, and still room for growth and potential in book 2. Secondary characters played their part well, important factors to the storyline, present and recognizable. Villains played their part , evil dwells, lurks and takes your breath away and I’m sure you will find these no different, they added the suspense throughout the story as well.  Overall, Blood of the Wicked was an enjoyable, romance-paranormal filled with action, suspense, murder, mystery, steamy love scenes, and an ending you could would not predict. I look forward to book two.

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