Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Xoom time baby!

I've got an awesome new toy so this is my trial run at doing posts blog from my tablet. If this works then I am suddenly way more accessible and can work on stuff from anywhere. This was not an impulse decision and I've been saving for months, doing a boatload of research (okay, Flyboy did that part), and practicing my patience while I waited for the right device to come out.

Since I'm crazy excited about the Xoom I decided to pick something else I am equally excited about for my first post...Cat and Bones! I just finished reading This Side of the Grave, not for review or anything, this one was purely for pleasure, and with the Night Huntress world you can't go wrong. I liked the stronger, wiser Cat and her relationship with Bones is better than ever. A ride with them is such an emotional roller coaster and I love each new adventure. This is a must read series!!! Cat and Bones #6 is slated for Fall 2011 and I CANNOT wait!!

I did have one teensy problem, not with the story, but with the inside cover. The pose is sexy and I love that they use the same model for Cat, the color scheme was good, but the model for Bones just wasn't working for me. He seemed...worn and not at all the ass kicking  vampire that I imagined. I went through the other books and they all looked awesome and yummy so I'm not sure what's different. Maybe it was just me?

Love these:

 This one not so much:

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Jen D. said...

Congrats on the new toy!