Sunday, April 10, 2011

Been meaning to share this random stuff

*Found these little beauties on engadget...definitely out of my price range but cool all the same. The full article can be found here.

Would you wear steampunk jewelry? I have my eye on this scent locket from the BPAL trading post (can't decide between the clockwork or one of the Neil Gaiman inspired ones) but since I don't wear much jewelry I'm not sure what else I'd wear. I do think the cuffs above would be a great way to show individual style in a more formal function. And I'd love to maybe see some post earrings. I hear that Etsy is good for these more unique types of jewelry.

*Flyboy found this article (originally published in The New York Times) about publishers charging libraries for e-books while he was cruising engadget and we've had many a discussion since then about how we feel about e-books, publishers and greed. Here's what I've deciphered from this article:

Libraries buy ebooks and lend them out. To prevent themselves from losing money, or being greedy depending on your view, the publishers want to charge a yearly fee for all ebooks the library owns instead of having the usual one time cost associated with buying a book. Under the new policy each ebook could be lent out 26 times before expiring, forcing libraries to spend more money. It's not like local libraries have money trees or treasure chests of gold so this doesn't make sense to me. I feel like we should celebrate public libraries not hate on them. And I just don't get why an ebook would be different from how they lend paper books. Although I do think that a library should only be allowed to lend an ebook to one person at a time just like they would with a traditional print book.

Does a more traditional ebook lending policy hurt authors? How should ebooks be borrowed? Should libraries carry ebooks? Any thoughts?

*Almost every night Flyboy spends some quality time with his mistress, aka his Xoom, and he's forever showing me these demotivational posters. Cracks me up! So I found a few paranormal ones to share with you.  Click here to visit the website and find your favorites.


BLHmistress said...

lol The wolf pic cracks me up as well as the billboard

Lorelei said...

Definitely love the Vampires don't sparkle/don't attend high school one.

Rain Maiden said...

I don't wear much jewelry, but that Clock Work Locket I want.