Tuesday, April 26, 2011

True Blood News


Hi Bite Clubbers!  First and foremost, apologies for missing my last news post.  I'll try to make it up to you today with lots of True Blood goodness.  Here goes...

I was able to find three new videos to share with you guys.  The first one is  a video promo with Terry and Arlene.  The second one is a Season 4 preview with Pam, Jessica and Hoyt.  The third is an invitation to the set of Season 4 posted on You Tube by HBO.

I also unearthed (ha, ha...no pun intended) some new character info and let me just say this gentleman is quite the looker.

I'd like to introduce you to Daniel Buran.  He's going to be portraying Raoul, the Shreveport packmaster.  I support this decision as I am all for additional eye candy.  Thoughts?

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that the first episode for Season 4 will be airing on Sunday, June 26th at 9:00 p.m.  I don't know about you but, I just got misty-eyed.


Smash Attack! said...

Woot! Cannot wait!!

Smash Attack! said...

Oh yea, and new guy is smexy!

Jen D. said...

Thanks for stoppin' by Ash! Yes, yes he is. He's no Alcide but, he'll do. ;-)

Anna (Bite Club) said...

I wonder what he looks like with no shirt? Wow. That made me sound sleazy:) It just seems that weres do a lot of the shirtless with the low slung jeans look. I could picture him like that.

Been watching the encore of season 3 and I'm always reminded of why I like this show so much. True Blood is just so fun! Last week it was Sookie and Alcide talking after Bill breaks up with her via phone and the conversation goes something like this:

Alcide: It's like being kicked in the nutsack.

Tearful Sookie: I don't have a nutsack.


Vickie said...

Muh-rowr! Let's hear it for the new guy!!

New season starts the night I get back from my family reunion...YIPPEE!!

meggerfly said...

Great post!I haven't seen all of this info.

Cylver said...

WooHOO! Thanks for the info! I wonder if they are going to make any Minisodes prior to the start of the season like they did last year??

Jen D. said...

@Anna - LOL! You know we're all thinking the same thing about the shirt. And the nutsack line was CLASSIC!

@Vickie - Woohoo! Gotta love when a plan comes together.

@meggerfly - Thanks! I go down in the trenches so you don't have to. ;-)

@Cylver - You are most welcome. Hmm...I think the promos they're putting out are the equivalent to last season's minisodes.

VanesMate said...

Holy Smokes!! He is a hottie!! Can't wait til Season 4....why so long?!

Jen D. said...

@VanesMate - Because they like to torture us? Who knows?!

Cylver said...

Jen, I really hope they do at least a couple of minisodes in addition to the short promos we're getting. I think they did both last year, didn't they? Maybe I'm just getting spoiled! I laughed out loud watching Eric and Pam audition dancers for Fangtasia, and Jason praying to any god he can think of (Jesus...Buddha...Scientology...the lion from Narnia...) Priceless!

Jen D. said...

@Cylver = LOL! I admit I'm a little sad I haven't seen any minisodes either. Those were my two favorites. They were friggin' hilarious!! I'll keep my eyes peeled and my fingers and toes crossed. There's still plenty of time for Alan Ball to throw us a friggin' bone.