Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Vampire Diaries ~ Klaus ~

This post includes spoilers so if you haven't seen "Klaus" then you definitely want to stop reading here! Please forgive me if some of the conversations are out of order, this episode revealed a HUGE amount of information and history and I tried to get it right. Thanks!

This episode was full of flashbacks and revelations. It starts right back up where we left off with Elena sitting for Elijah to wake up. He jolts awake and thinks that Elena is Katherine, which causes a flashback to England 1492 when Trevor delivers Katerina to Elijah and they first meet. Elijah introduces her to Klaus.

Stefan finally wakes up realizes that something is wrong. He realizes that Elena has revived Elijah. The house, now in Elena’s name, ejects Elijah and wont’ let him enter, but Elena shows him that she could be trusted by giving him the dagger and going with him.

Stefan wakes FINALLY wakes up and realizes something is wrong, he discovers that Elijah’s body is gone and that Elena is gone with him. Damon is very angry that Elena chose to do this on her own and he blames Stefan.

Alaric/Klaus explains to Katherine that he’s killed Bonnie and he has the moonstone so he’s ready to break the curse. He tells Katherine that she fled England before he could give her the details, but he found her birthplace and slaughtered her family so now ‘they’re cool.’ He also hopes that Elena isn’t as stupid as Katherine was.

Elena spends the day with Elijah telling him that they have to work together to kill Klaus. Stefan keeps calling her and she tells him that Elijah is a noble and honorable man and that he shouldn’t let Damon do anything ‘stupid.’ Elena hands over her phone to Elijah and they shake hands.

Stefan tells Damon to back off and let Elena do what she thinks is best and she tells Stefan that ‘she’s lost it.” The boys get aggressive and Stefan tells him to back off.

Elena fills Elijah in on the current situation that Klaus is here and has taken over Alaric’s body. He says that it’s one of Klaus’s favorite tricks. Elena tells him that the Martin witches are no longer alive and that Klaus took Katherine and that she may be dead. He smirks to himself and tells Elena that he doubts that.

Elijah and Elena show up at the Lockwood mansion and compels the Mayor to let him in and get him clothes. He reveals that he made sure several people in the town off vervain before his ‘death.’ Using flashbacks he reveals that Klaus is his brother and that the ‘originals’ are in fact an actual family of originals. Elena stares at him in shock and tells her that “the phrase you’re looking for is OMG.”

Alaric/Klaus showed at Jenna’s and proceeds to tell Jenna about vampires in front of Stefan and Stefan attacks Klaus and because he’s in a human body Stefan incapacitates him and tells Jenna to run, but not before Jenna gets to see Stefan’s vampy face.

Elijah hands over the phone that Elena gave him and told her it was ringing incessantly. Stefan tells Elena that Klaus confronted Jenna and she knows all about vampires and that she’s at the Salvatore house. Elena tells Elijah that she has to go but she’ll be back and promises to come back.

Katherine finds Alaric’s alcohol stash and dances around the apartment to loud music. Damon and Andie find her and Damon brings her verain so that Klaus can’t compel her anymore.

Elena and Jenna have the talk that Elena was trying to save her and spare her the worry and Jenna tells Elena that it was her job to protect her and Jeremy. Jenna is angry that almost everyone knows about vampires except her. Elena tells Stefan that she has to go back to Elijah and that she’s safe. Damon gets all growly and tells her that she can’t go. Stefan tells him to step off and let her leave. Damon says that they just got her back and that’s the second time that Stefan has stood in his way—don’t let it be a third.

Elijah is surprised that Elena came back and he tells Elena that nothing can kill the originals but that every creature has a weakness. He also reveals that the Sun and Moon curse was faked by Klaus so he could have both sides of this ‘war’ hunting the moonstone and the doppelganger. He tells Elena that a curse was placed on Klaus a thousand years ago and she’s the key to breaking it. He flashes back to England and it’s foreshadowed that he had a soft spot for Katerina when they chat about love. Elijah reveals that Katerina took things into her own hands when she ran, even though he had gone to the witches and found a way to keep the doppelganger from dying. But Klaus didn’t care if she died, that she was just a means to an end. Klaus told Elijah that “we do not feel and we do not care.” Elijah responds that “we did once” and Klaus replies that ‘it was too many lifetimes ago to matter.”

Katherine is dancing drunk again and Klaus/Alaric gets home and he tells her to sit down and be quiet. She sits and is quiet so he will think she’s compelled. A new group arrives at Alaric’s apartment including Greta who doesn’t seem to be being held against her will. While Klaus complains they took so long, she makes a joke that he had a lot of luggage and a man drags in a huge trunk.

Elena demands to know the ‘real’ curse. He tells her that Klaus is only his half brother. That his mother had an indiscretion with a werewolf male and that Klaus was the end result. Elijah’s father tracked down the male and his family and slaughtered them, thus starting the war between the species. Elena is shocked when she realizes that Klaus is not only vampire, but werewolf too. Elijah tells her the witches cursed him so that his werewolf side was dormant and only his vampire side was active. Klaus wants to break the curse so that he may change into a werewolf and create his own type of hybrid vampires—an army that no one could kill. But at the time of the sacrifice, Klaus would shift and in the middle of the shift is when he would be weakest and could be killed.

Greta and the newcomers set up a ritual while Katherine looks on. Alaric’s body collapses on the floor and Klaus—now in his own (fine) body—says ‘Now that’s more like it.”

Damon and Stefan get into a fight over Elena and Stefan says “let me thank you for being in love with my girlfriend because that means you’ll protect her.” Damon and Stefan get into a physical altercation dn Elena and Elijah walk in on it. She yells at them to stop it and that Elijah is here to help them. He promises to not kill them if only they will apologize. Stefan apologizes for his part in Elijah’s death. Damon tells them all of go to hell. Elena tells Elijah that Damon will come around and he says “perhaps.”

Andie doesn’t’ leave the house although Damon tells her too and causes Damon to attack her and bite her. He yells at her to leave before he kills her.


So what did you guys think of this episode. Exactly how many times did you say or think "OMG no way??"

Also I'm curious as to the coincidences between Elijah and Klaus being brothers--one caring about Katerina and the other just wanting her for his own purposes and then Stefan and Damon--both love Elena but one is the 'good guy' and the other is the 'bad boy'. I guess this is more of history repeating itself over and over.

I would also love it if you shared your favorite quotes of this episode. There was some great one-liners in this episode.


meggerfly said...

I think my biggest OMG moment came after the show lol! When it finally dawned on my that Greta was Luca's sister. That totally flew past me with everything else that was going on!

Aparajita Basu said...

i know what u mean megan.....but for me the biggest moment were the facts that the Aztec curse was actually BS and that klaus is a hybrid

Betty Turner said...

I agree with Meggerfly about being shocked that Greta was Luca's sister. She certainly didn't seem like she was unhappy to be with Klaus... but then again he can compel whoever he wants to. So I wonder if it was the compulsion talking.

I think that I was shocked about too many things to count. But the Sun and Moon curse being fake was also a big shock.

I wonder what the writers have in store for us next... I really want to see more in depth info on Elijah and Katerina... I think he had a crush...

Anonymous said...

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