Friday, April 29, 2011

The Vampire Diaries ~ The Last Day ~

The show starts off with a really fast pace—

Alaric shows up minus Klaus with a message for the gang that the sacrifice is tonight. Alaric and Jenna FINALLY make up.

Elijah tells the gang that he has an elixir that will let Elena die but then come back—not as a vamp—but just come back from the dead. He tells them that he’ll be back tonight for the ritual.

Elena confronts Damon and he confesses that he can’t lose her. He takes matters into his own hands and forces his blood down her throat. Stefan and Damon fight and Damon ends up staking Stefan in the stomach. I’m not too sure Elena’s going to be happy that Damon took the choice away from her.

The mayor (Tyler’s mom) leaves a message on Tyler’s phone that she is in the hospital after a fall down the stairs. Klaus’s male witch was forcing her to say those things and then he flings her over the banister. OUCH.

Matt and Sheriff Forbes are still plotting and she gives him a gun. Okay that’s enough of those two thinking Caroline is evil and dangerous. Dangerous… yes; but not to them. Someone needs to really end this situation now and I vote that Damon just kills them all.

Klaus turns up at the Mystic Grill where Alaric and Damon are talking about his screwing up and giving Elena vampire blood. Klaus tells Alaric "thanks for the loaner" LOL sorry that was just too funny for words. He tells Damon not to screw things up. After Klaus leaves Alaric says "you're going to screw things up aren't you." He knows Damon so well!

Tyler’s back—Tyler’s back—Tyler’s back!!!! After being absent for several episodes Tyler Lockwood appears on the scene. He visits his mom in the hospital, but tells her he can’t stay. On the way out of the hospital he runs into Caroline—YAY!!—She wants to know where he went and he tells her that Jules is helping him cope with being a werewolf and she’s trying to explain things to him. Caroline suddenly grabs her head and falls to the ground while Greta shoots her full of vervain and the male witch working for Klaus grabs them both.

Thanks to Katherine Damon realizes that Klaus has captured Caroline and Tyler and where they’re being held. He heads out to save them. He faces off with Klaus’s male witch. Matt, who just happens to be hiding in the woods, shoots the witch to help Damon. Matt wants to know what Damon has done with Caroline and Damon makes him stay outside while he frees Caroline and Tyler.

While Damon is out at least trying to save Elena’s life, Stefan is cavorting through the woods with Elena and letting her ask him all sorts of questions about being a vampire. He tells her that he knows what she wants to say and that she just needs to say it. She finally breaks down and tells Stefan that she doesn’t want to be a vampire—that she doesn’t know what she wants for the future, whether it’s getting married or having kids. She cries—he cries—it’s all very touching. Back to Damon trying to save the day.

While chained up Tyler and Caroline have a really nice chat because she wants to know why he left her. He thought she hated him and she assures him that she could never hate him. I have to say I am such a Tyler fan that I melted with he gives her a little smirk that is just oh so Tyler.

Damon frees them both but Tyler is too close to the transition because of the full moon. Damon tells Boy Wonder (Matt) to run. He distracts Tyler who is now a wolf and fights with him. Tyler takes off after Caroline and Matt. They make it to Tyler’s family’s cellar and Matt and Caroline lock themselves in, but Tyler is still attacking. Caroline tries to talk to Tyler in his wolf form and I think that we’ll see that Caroline can communicate with him while he’s in wolf form if he’ll just calm down and stop trying to kill her.

Klaus is suspicious of Katherine and makes her stand in the sun. She stands her ground and burns in the sun until he tells her to move. Damon shows up and tells Klaus that he’s killed the witch, freed the vampire and the werewolf that Klaus was betting on and wants him to postpone the ritual. Klaus laughs and tells him that one should always have a backup plan. He shows Damon a streaming video of Jules locked in chains and is about to transition. Man, these vampires are really technologically advanced. Klaus sure has adapted to this century pretty quickly.

Klaus says cryptically that “you’re as good as dead.” Then he disappears.

Stefan and Elena are back from their little waterfall trip. Klaus is waiting on them. Stefan cries. Again. Elena tells him to close his eyes and Klaus whisks her away and when Stefan opens his eyes she’s gone.

Damon comes awake in the middle of Alaric’s floor—with Katherine slapping his face. He, of course, wants to know what Klaus meant that he was as good as dead. Katherine looks horrified. She pulls his arm out and shows him the werewolf bite. Damon looks scared. He gets the call from Stefan that Klaus has taken Elena.

Elena and Greta are stumbling through the woods and Elena tells Greta that she knew her brother and father were looking for her. She replies that she wasn’t lost. Greta flares the fires and tells Elena that Klaus has his own vampire—Elena sees someone laying in the circles for the ritual and she realizes that it’s Jenna. Elena is horrified when Klaus tells her she’s in transition to be a vampire.

This episode was extremely exciting with Damon trying to save Elena’s life. I think that we saw a side of Damon that a new facet. He has regret for forcing the decision to be a vampire on Elena just because he was selfish and didn’t want to lose her.

I can’t figure out Greta’s angle. I can’t decide if she’s compelled to follow Klaus or if she’s just dumb enough to think that Klaus loves/cares for her.

Stefan has GOT to grow some balls. Throughout this whole season he has sat back and let Elena have her way and do what she wants while Damon is trying to save her life. I think in this episode he showed real potential when he attacked Damon, but there’s got to be more to him than just a crying, sentimental boy.

So what do you guys think? Feel free to voice your opinions and share your thoughts.

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