Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Character inspiration for Forever Vampire

Forever Vampire 

This month we are reading and discussing Forever Vampire by Michele Hauf. One of the things I like to know about the books I read is who or what inspired the characters. It's an interesting glimpse into the mind of a writer. Sometimes I can totally get it and agree, but other times I find the inspiration a distraction because it doesn't fit the picture I had in my head. Michele has posted the images for Lyric and Vail on her blog, Dusted, and I hopped over so I could re-post them here.


My first impression:
I like the expression on her face because you can get a lot out of it~ fun, mischief, adventure. She's sexy without being obvious and her name seems to fit.
My first impression:

I like the goth-type look, the smirky smile and the green snake, but I have to admit...this guy doesn't really do it for me personally. However, I did really like the guy in the book trailer so I posted the link below.

Click on this link to watch the book trailer:

What are your thoughts on character inspiration? Do you like knowing beforehand or would you prefer to rely on your imagination? What do you think of Lyric and Vail?

Hey!  Michele, here.  Thought I'd jump in and try to convince Anna to love (or just like) my image of Vail.  Of course my favorite kind of hero is tall, dark and brooding.  I love a long, lithe man with dark hair and dark eyes.  Most of the pictures in my photo file are of dark-haired men.  It's not necessarily the personality of the person in the picture, and might be just a look or element of a photo that really cements a character for me.  I love the pic of Adam Lambert above, but a few others also inspired me, so I'm gonna show them to you.
This one is all about the eyes.  Just that look.  So intense, and focused.  Vail's intense look.
This next one was about the water/rain for me.  Vail fighting his addiction and the rain being what could wipe away the dust.  Also like the colors and dark shades that I tried to impart in the story.
And this pic, well, it's all about that look again.  Even though we know the real man in the pic is gay, and we can take his look as either revulsion or maybe a teasing sexuality, I like to think I'd love to be the woman in Vail's hands (if he were really Vail) in this photo.  ;-)

And a couple bonus pics to show!  Here's my inspiration for Zett.  I like the cold look in this celebrity's eyes.
And this pic inspired the magical tattoos that Zett wears on his body.
And if you have an interest in Leo, Lyric's brother, this is my inspiration for him so far.  Haven't any story ideas in mind for him, but with a picture like this, I'm sure I can come up with something.
And this pic totally inspired the scene where Vail and Lyric go to the healer in FaeryTown.

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