Sunday, May 22, 2011


THE ART OF ALICE: MADNESS RETURNS by game developer American McGee.
First off, I'm not a gamer, but I do adore gothic artwork, and when offered a chance to view this graphic novel by Dark Horse (via NetGalley) I jumped.  I love the Alice in Wonderland story, and when you toss in madness and Victorian London, what a wicked treat!
This book documents the creation process behind this, the sequel to the bestselling EA game ALICE, which was released eleven years ago.  The creator, American McGee, was going for "classic and dark" and he nailed it.  Makes me want to play the game!
The artwork is the reason to buy the book, but if you're a fan of the game, then it is a must-buy for a look into how the story world is grown on paper from Preproduction, to the intense detail that went into designing Alice's look and dress, to weapons (love the steampunk details!), to the overall look of London and Wonderland.  The attention to historical detail is what makes the game world come alive as Alice, a fragile recovering mental patient, journeys through the various worlds, such as The Deluded Depths, Queensland (where she faces the diabolica Skeletor-like Card Guards).  The entire game is a Frankenstein-esque, steampunk/gothic marvel!
— Michele Hauf for Bite Club

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