Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Review: The Inheritance & Other Stories

THE INHERITANCE & OTHER STORIES  by bestselling author Robin Hobb, who also writes as Megan Lindholm, is a delightful foray into a writer's heart, divided as that heart may be when it hits the page.  The anthology is a collection of her works under both names and is divided up as Lindholm in the first half and Hobb in the second.  Very different writing styles from one person.  It was interesting to compare the two!
I have to say my favorites were the Lindholm stories only because Hobb's stuff were sprawling fantasy stories set in her Liveship Trader world.  I didn't feel as connected to those stories because I felt I should have already been reading in that world, and appreciated the shorter stories by Lindholm, of which, all seemed to stand alone.
My favorites were:
"Silver Lady and The Fortyish Man", a not-so-classic romance that startled me at how closely I identified with it, even though I'm nothing like the main character.  It spoke to the heart of all those who believe in falling in love.
"The Fifth Squashed Cat" makes you wonder at the end, and I'm still not sure I completely understand some of the character's motives, but I still liked it.
"Strays" will appeal to all cat lovers, and anyone who has ever been bullied.
One thing I really enjoyed about this collection is at the beginning of each story, the author writes how the idea came to her and what the story means to her.  Love that extra connection to what's going on in the writer's mind!  If you're a fan of Hobbs/Lindholm then this anthology is a must-add to your collection.
~Michele Hauf for Bite Club

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